Maui Techies Dinner 4/29/10

Last night the Maui Techies from gathered for a dinner at Asian Star in Wailuku.  It was a nice venue – quiet, open and good food (Vietnamese) – but lacked WiFi.  I had never been to this part of the island before – its a more industrialized area with auto body shops, small business offices, etc.  Quite a contrast from the usual image of our island – but a welcome one.  We do have small industry here.

There were probably between 15-20 people there, with some leaving a bit early and some arriving fairly late.  I got there about 6:20 and found about 6 people at a big table. It was obvious who they were.  People trickled in for then next half hour as we ordered up some family style grub & drinks.  Reichart showed off his iPad and apps. We all ohh’d and ahhh’d and exchanged comments on John Stewart’s recent rant about Apple and Gizmodo… and views on development for apple platforms etc.  (btw check out Mr Jalopy’s rework of S. Job’s anti-flash statement) As more people came in the table filled up and conversation volume increased. I got lost in talking with Larry McCarty about education, Garrett Lisi about theoretical physics, etc.  After food I moved around a bit and met Doug Nelson and his wife Susan and a few more folks.

Susan was quite interesting.  She (and Doug) are involved with South Maui Sustainability, and she pointed me at the related Upcountry Sustainability group.  Both are working on projects to encourage sutainability (balancing human activity in our ecosystem for long term futures).  The South Maui site has a good thread on “What is Sustainability.”  As the owner of a couple acres in Ha’iku and a long time garden putterer (aside from being a hard core Geek), I look forward to exploring these in the future.  There are lots of opportunity for hacking and making in this area. Its a lot of what the Fab Labs around the world work on for local projects!

I am sure there will be many more meetings of the Maui Techies. You might consider signing up on TechHui. The site sends notices of forum updates, but doesnt include the text, forcing you to go to the web site to read them. I’ll try and post notices before hand here and maybe someday get a mail list working for maui makers.

More later – I’ve got carpet to rip out so we can paint and get flooring in before The Wife arrives.

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