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Visit to 23b Shop in Fullerton, CA

On Saturday April 17, The hackerspace 23b Shop in Fullerton CA had an open house and giant birthday party for Amber.  I had read up on the space a while back and wanted to check them out, so I drove down mid-afternoon.  I should have checked sigalert before driving, as the I-5 had some serious delays and it wound up taking me almost 2.5hr to drive 70miles.  The space is tucked away in an alley of an industrial park, with little to distinguish it from the more commercial neighbors.   They do have a rather unique sign in their window…

23b Shop sign

Sign in window for 23b Shop - Dolphins with flamethrowers vs Unicorns with guns!!

Anyway, 23B Shop is different from many other places I’ve seen.  It was formed by a group of friends who wanted a place to hang out and setup their machines.  Unlike many hackerspaces, 23B has welding and machine tools in its inventory – perfect for making the odd killamajig and gunsmithing.  It s a fairly small space – about 1000 sq ft not including the ‘storage’ loft.  The most prominent feature is the UV curtained off welding area – those orange curtains do stand out!  It holds a small bench with Oxy/Acetylene, MIG and TIG welders.  Behind this are a good sized lathe, a Smithy mill, drill press, horizontal & vertical band saws, grinders, etc.  They have a sand blasting glove box chamber, and a kitchen oven modified for powder coating outsized objects.  They’ve also got a small electronics bench, and a foundry, etc.  Quite a bit to cram into a small space.  The space had a storage loft in the back when they moved in.  They scrounged up some cool honeycomb composite flooring and made it serviceable for people – creating a lounge with a couch, tables and small liquor cabinet upstairs along with the overflow storage.

View from doorway into 23b Shop

View from doorway into 23b Shop

Some of the machine tools on back wall

Another view of the machine tool corner

Electronics bench in back corner

The 23b Shop folks are true hackers of the old school.  They are long time attendees of Defcon and several are Security Goons.  These are definitely folks I’d prefer to have on my side.  They were quite a likable and friendly bunch.  They had set up a small inflatable pool in the drive way, complete with air bubbler – unfortunately using the bubbler kicked off the air compressor completely overwhelming any conversation.  They also had a decent outdoor dj/music rig setup complete with flashing lights.  I had to leave about 8:30pm, just as the party was getting rolling.   It was a good time and I enjoyed meeting the 23b Shop people.  They are welcome to visit us at Maui Makers – when we have a space!

23b Shop crew chillin outside

Chicks, rollerskates, automatic (airsoft) weapons and alcohol - Yeah! Thats Amber the b-day girl in green.

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  1. flea
    flea says:

    Jerry, it was great having you at the shop, nice meeting you. Remember, not everyday at the 23b shop is girls in wheelchairs with skates and guns, some days are cake fight days!! 🙂


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