Videos about Hackerspaces and FabLabs

I ran across a couple good videos on other hackerspaces and FabLabs recently and thought it would be good to collect a few of them them for reference.  It may take a while to watch em all so pace yourself.

Hackerspace Videos:

Good Basic Background on what is a hackerspace:

Bre Pretis interviewed about starting NYC Resistor:

Austrialian Hackerspace (Previously blogged here):

Tokyo Hackerspace Open House:

VIMBY on Chicago Pumping Station One

VIMBY on Hive 76 Philadelphia:

FabLab Videos:

The original 2006 TED talk by Neil Gershenfeld:

A Shift: a documentary on FabLab in The Netherlands

The Fab Lab at Lorain County Community College in Ohio

Fab Lab Manchester UK

2010 APMM Talk by Neil Greshfeld (4 parts)

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