Free live online class on Arduino and Processing

O’Reilly and Creative Live are offering a 5 week (one session/wk) class “Processing and Arduino in Tandem: Creating Your Own Digital Art Tools” .  The class is free if you can make it to the live version – tuesdays starting Aug 31 at 3pm PST (Noon Hawaii time).  The O’Reilly description says you dont need programming or electronics experience, although you do need to have an arduino and some other parts.  O’Reilly sells a kit ($75) with all the parts.

It looks like a good opportunity to learn the basics.  I’m not sure how useful this will be to those with programming and electronics experience, but I’m planning to watch the live classes.  Mostly I hope to learn about teaching with the Arduino and Processing.  I’ve done a bit of experimenting with the Arduino and toyed with Processing.  Both are aimed at making it easier for non-techies to use computers to create interactive applications.

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