Vimby/Scion Hackerspace Challenge – CrashSpace videos live

This past summer Mitch AltmanVimby and Scion sponsored a challenge to 5 hackerspaces in the USA.  They were given $3000 grant, 3 weeks and asked to create something that:

1) repurposed a commercially made object
2) was interesting/fun/useful to the average person
3) referenced a commercially released movie

They have been slowly releasing videos in the series.  Today two clips covering CrashSpace went live.  The Crashers repurposed their store front building into an interactive art/music installation called Store Front Music:
CrashSpace Part 1

CrashSpace Part 2

I was there for the beginning and end of the project as a member. Unfortunately, I was only able to work on the project itself late one night on my way back from LAX and Maui.   It was a really cool project and I was impressed by what CrashSpace built (and what other spaces have done too).  One neat part of Store Front Music that didnt make the videos is the ‘easter egg’ – if you move properly across the sensors, it triggers playback of the theme from Close Encounters.   The video did show a bit of the unveiling party.  There were a couple couches and food platters set up on the sidewalk and we had a great time watching people walk by.  Sometimes they would walk around the chalk keyboard, other times straight thru.  Sometimes they would not really notice the music until they past the building, then look back.  A few people stopped and played with it a bit.  The kids were the best to watch.

The Vimby site is not all that well designed and it can be hard to find the videos.  The first episode gave an introduction to the challenge and the spaces. Next up, they covered NYC Resistor’s slotmachine drink maker (Video 1,  Video 2). Then they went to Chicago for Pumping Station One’s Tron Bicycle ice cream maker (Video 1, Video 2).

Next week will be the Artisans Asylum followed by The Transistor.  After that Mitch will pick “the winner” on one episode and then they will have one last episode showing the winning space (maybe going back out for more footage/reaction shots).

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