EL-wire Tron costume

Syuzi Pakhchyan showing off her awesome Quorra (from new Tron flick) costume using EL-wire

Thats Syuzi Pakhchyanh, showing off her awesome Tron (Quorra, new film character) costume.  Syuzi is one of the innovators and author in the area of Soft Circuits (aka Fashion Technology). She taught a class at CrashSpace in LA and helped out at the Siggraph tutorial I attended this past summer.  For this costume she used Electro Luminescent tape (EL) and faux-leather.  She is promising a tutorial on how to work with this material in the near future.

I have Syuzi’s book, the MakerShed Conductive Booster Pack Kit, a Lily Pad (arduino board for clothing), and various other soft circuit parts.  I’ve done a bit of sewing with conductive thread but I am not very adept at sewing. I’m looking forward to doing more with this tech, especially in collaborations with people who can sew!  Syuzi did say she would be very interested in teaching a workshop at our space.  Perhaps that will be one of our Make-cation events.

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