GOOD interviews my friends at CrashSpace

CrashSpace is the maker space I helped start back in Los Angeles (ok Culver City) last year.  

GOOD magazine interviewed the people at CrashSpace and posted an article with this video:

Crash Space from GOOD: Edge of Progress on Vimeo.

Its impressive and inspirational. The Crashers have done a lot with a fairly small space that didn’t have any equipment when it opened last december/january. A small number of motivated people got together and a created an awesome community space. Crashspace blossomed from a coffee house meeting to an empty building in about 2.5 months. It took another 3-4 months to get enough paying members to cover expenses. Basic furnishings appeared as member (and friend) donations, along with an assortment of used electronics, books, etc. Members (like Justin Corwin) stepped up to host regular events. Justin has hosted Radio Mondays just about every monday since last december. Carlyn Maw started running the weekly member meetings on tuesday nights. After business and discussion of member projects, Carlyn leads members in the very popular ‘Take Apart Tuesday’ where they take apart one or more of the donated items to explore how it works, and explore how it might be repurposed. I started hosting local Makerbot owners on 3rd sunday of the month. Theron Throwbridge helped build the CrashSpace ‘bot in April and then took over hosting the monthly meeting. He has done a fantastic job. Michael Clive brought in his milling machine and lathe. Many other members contributed time, hosting and participating in events.

I hope we can do half as well with Maui Makers.

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