Meeting and EL Wire Soldering Class Wed Dec 15 2010

CoolNeon's EL Wire Kit - image from their site, actual parts may vary a bit.

My order for EL Wire Learn to Solder kits came in from Cool Neon. They were very helpful folks and gave me a bulk discount and break on shipping. The kits include a soldering iron, solder, several samples of EL Wire and several inverter drivers (along with batteries).

We will be holding a class using these kits on Wed Dec 15th. The kits cost me approx $30 each (w/shipping, etc) and the earlier email announcements got about 10 responses. If all those people show up and pay, I’ll still have a bit extra as I bought a few meters of wire too.

Maker Shed "Learn To Solder Kit" includes soldering iron + this kit.

And if you want to learn basic electronics soldering, I also have five Learn To Solder Kits from MakerShed.  These also include a soldering iron and some other basic materials.

So Come to the class/meeting on Dec 15th at my home in Haiku.  Starting about 7pm so we have time to talk and build.  Bring drinks and snacks if you want.

Neither of the kits do include a ‘third hand’ or iron holder, which is definitely useful when working with EL Wire or electronics in general.   There are some other tools and parts that might come in handy – cutting board,  sponge/copper scrubber for cleaning iron, etc.  If you have them, please bring them.

One rather nice soldering holder was created by my friends back at CrashSpace. I was looking around but cant find the required basic materials.  If you have them, please bring to the meeting!

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