Young Makers – teaching kids to learn by doing

The Young Makers Program is a collaboration between MAKE Magazine, The Exploratorium, and Pixar. The purpose of the program is to inspire and develop the next generation of makers, creators, and innovators.

The Young Makers Program is different in several ways from other activities such as robotics competitions and science fairs. In particular, there are no winners and losers, and the projects are cross-disciplinary and youth-driven. And, just like Maker Faire, anything that’s cool is fair game.

I am very interested in getting a Young Makers Program going with Maui Makers. Ideally we’d send some (all?) of the kids/projects to the Maker Faire next may, but perhaps these would also form the core of our own local Make:Maui faire. If you are a teen/young adult and interested, teacher or a maker who wants to mentor, please contact me – email, comment here, post to our google group. Of course, the key component will be Young Makers. They may not be stumbling on this, so if you know some, point em this way.

Here’s a 1hr video from Google Tech Talks (Thanks Les V!) that presents the idea along with sample projects from kids.

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