Maui Makers Meeting Thurs Jan 27 2011

We will be meeting on Thursday Jan 27th 2010, 7-10pm at the home of Ben Ward.

Ben’s address is: 297 Haulani St, Makawao, HI 96768

We will be buying a couple pizzas to feed, so please reply as comment here, or to the google group if you plan to attend so we can get enough.  Bring your own drinks.

We will fill you in on the status of our hunt for a home, and there will be time for people to share their projects, ideas, etc. Come and talk story!

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  1. Jerry
    Jerry says:

    Some topics to discuss, mostly about Getting more involved:

    Much (most) of the activity around MauiMakers happens when I post, organize etc. I would very much like to have others involved in these activities. This is a community effort, not my personal one – although I have a lot invested in making it work. So lets talk about how you can be more involved.

    1) Distributed Events
    Can you host/organize an event/meeting? Want to teach a class? How about having meetings at people’s homes/workshops/garage to show off projects, etc? Given our distributed population (and current lack of a home) this could get more people involved. Such meetings might pull in a smaller crowd, but getting events going is important.

    2) On-line Activities
    We currently have about 5 different online places: this blog, the wiki, the google group, Facebook, and Twitter (@mauiMaker). How can we get these more open/active?

    * The GGroup is open to the world: feel free to post ideas, projects, questions

    * Fbook group wall is also open, for posts… I think best use of fbook is to link to real info outside, like the blog.

    * The blog is currently admin only by me but I’d be happy to add some others. Creating Pages here as well as blog posts is an option for documenting projects, areas of interest, etc.

    * The Wiki is open for anyone to sign up and edit. However, as Cole and I have found, it isnt the easiest place to create decent pages. If anyone has experience with Wikimedia or an alternative wiki, I would be VERY happy to get some help. Maybe this WordPress site could do some of the same sort of things?

    Other ideas?

  2. Brian
    Brian says:

    Look forward to the meeting. Please RSVP if you think you might make it so we can get some ideas. And bring enough pizza 🙂 See you all there.


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