GGHC Chill Box Prototype at Ag Fest

[Update: it worked well!! See blog post for build documentation. and picture below]

Our first prototype/demonstration for the Chill Box is under construction and will be shown this week Saturday April 2, at the Maui Agricultural Festival in the Educational tent. The Chill Box is our project for the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge

The prototype is a small styrofoam ice chest that will be full of chilled water – chilled by containers of ice floating in it. A small submersible fountain pump circulates the water thru a small loop of 1/2″ copper tube. The idea is there will be condensation on the copper tube and it will drip onto a small planter of “starts”.

Laura Burkhart of Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM) is hosting it and creating the educational materials to go along with it.  Today, she and I hacked together the basic demo box. Pictures will be posted shortly.

The festival runs 9am-4pm on the lū‘au grounds of Maui Tropical Plantation in Waikapū.  The general event is free and open to the public. They also have a “Taste Education” tent in partnership with Slow Food Maui, where you can taste food prepared by chefs and farmers from the island, and learn how to grow, and prepare locally sourced food.  That part cost $25/adult presale, $30/adult at gate. There is a flyer (pdf) on the Far Bureau site with details

Here’s a pic of Laura and Devon (sp?) at the fest:

Laura and Devon showing Chill Box v0.1 at Maui Agricultural Festival

UPDATE: check our Element14 ChillBox blog and find other posts here under the Chill Box Project Category

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