Meeting at Omaopio Greenhouse Saturday 3/19, 3pm

Our next meeting will be this saturday, March 19, at 3pm at the 3361 Omaopio space:
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This is about 3 turns uphill from Surfing Goat Dairy, and about 3 miles down hill from Kula Hwy.

There is very limited parking (3-5 cars) up the driveway, but there is a fair bit more on the shoulder of Omaopio both before and after the greenhouses. There are a couple shoulder spaces right below the greenhouses.
The green house (shell) we are looking at is straight up the driveway off to the left as the drive curves off right. (if I recall correctly).

Update – followup after meeting:
Yesterday (Saturday 18 March) we had a small group visit the Omaopio Greenhouse location. Attending were Jessica, Dina, Gabe and myself.

Dina and I arrived a bit early and our resident connection, Raj, came out to ask if he could help. I had forgotten to inform Raj that we would be visiting. Raj is our contact and the man from whom we would be ‘subletting’ the space. He runs a business from one of the greenhouses (plant extracts) and I believe he lives in another. Raj is making three (4?) of the other greenhouse frames he rents available to the community garden effort. Raj seemed a bit put off by our arrival – interrupting his quiet saturday afternoon. I wonder how he will feel when we have a regular stream of people through the space – and noisy machines, talking, etc.

Dina and I walked around the building and down to the road to talk about space, parking, etc. Jessica drove up just then and we went back up to show her where we can park. Shortly afterwards, Gabe Mott arrived, walking downhill. Gabe has a friend (Al) who lives in the greenhouse just uphill from Raj’s home. We had a nice informative conversation with Al about the location.

The land owner is apparently a family trust, with family living just south of the greenhouses. There are several people who live on the property – all uphill from Raj. There is some minor conflict over parking spaces. During the daytime, visitors (workers) at Raj and the other greenhouses can easily overwhelm the available parking. When residents return, they have often found visitors parked in their spaces. Street parking may seem possible as the shoulder is a car width + wide in some areas up/down hill from the space. However, vehicles using the road do not abide by the edges of lanes or roadway. I saw a couple large trucks barreling down the road using three lanes worth of the two lane road. Street parking is an invitation for sideswiping.

Looking at the space, it might help our parking and noise issues if we were able to switch to the square greenhouse a bit downhill from Raj. I understand this is one currently slated for the Community Gardens but perhaps we can switch with them? One benefit of this other house is it would be easier to install and use a large (rollup) doorway for equipment, etc. Another is it would avoid us driving over a main water juncture just outside our currently allocated space.

There is reportedly a 50amp breaker for each greenhouse, which makes power a bit tricky. We might have some issues running multiple large machines (lathe, etc) and soldering irons, plus fridge, etc concurrently.

We estimate the buildings are about 45ft/side (~2000sqft) with 8ft sides. If we cover with corrugated plastic panels (8’x26″ @$20) that comes to about $1800. Figure about the same again for roofing. Flooring could be a combination of concrete slab and post/pier wood frame. Slab is required for heavy equipment (lathes, etc) both to reduce/eliminate vibration and for ease of cleaning. You do NOT want metal shavings getting into shoes, etc. (esp open toe things we wear round here often.) Classroom/electronics areas could use wood frame flooring. We would also need to budget some sun screen netting for over the roof, and large ventilation fans.

After walking around a bit, and sitting in very limited shade, swatting abundant mosquitos, we adjourned to Jessica’s home up in Kula for some refreshments. We talked about the needed infrastructure and perceptions of the space (which I have tried to roll into my above report). If you have comments or things to add, please do so!

So some action items here:
1) talk with Raj about noise and parking issues
2) talk with Raj and C.Garden folks about switching spaces
3) solid estimates on slab and other construction items.

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