Maui Makers Needs New Logo

Ok, the turtle was picked a year or more ago by me – Jerry – as something simple and generic to denote Maui without getting too creative. I’m an engineerd not an artist/designer.  Now that its been in use a while, it is obviously in use elsewhere too. It is not distinctive enough to be *our* logo.  Several people have pointed this out – repeatedly. in less nice terms.

So ok, lets create a new one.  An idea I’ve had percolating around for a while was to continue with the petroglyph basis but add more Maker theme.  I found some human figures, some tool symbols, etc and started tossing them together in photoshop with my mediocre skills.  First I put in a wrench and the symbols for a laser and WiFi:

New Maker Logo with laser and wrench

Cole S. liked the basics but suggested an alternate:

Cole's version with wrench and proton canon

Brian T. suggested we use the symbol for a transistor instead of a laser. So I hacked one up:

Jerry's version with transistor

So now we turn to our community at large.  We need someone with some real design talents to tweak these (or come up with something entirely new).  It should be fairly simple so we can engrave it, make stickers, etc. It should be readable when scaled down and use minimal colors (B&W imho works just fine).


I played around a bit with the logo while making the acrylic for Chill Box and came up with this:

April 28th Maker Logo

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