We have a Container!

We have talked about using containers to create our space.  Cole, Tommy and others have played with various designs on their own for a long time.  The Community Work Day folks have said we could put containers on their space.

Our First Container, at its old home.

So when Cole found a 40′ High Cube, Aluminum container on Craigslist Tuesday, I called.  Yesterday, I bought it. It is in great shape and already has two ventilation turbines installed. This will help keep it cool, especially down in the valley. It will be delivered to CWD’s Pu’unene location on Tuesday May 3. Exactly where it goes is still TBD, but we have strong opinions (there arent a lot of great options).

La'a Kea Community Farm Building

The idea is to get a second container, placed about 20′ to the side and roof these over. Then we can put rollup doors over the open area. The result will be similar to the La’a Kea Community Farm building recently constructed on Baldwin Ave, Paia. This one doesnt have the rollup doors.


So next week, we will have a container in which to meet on thursday. However, there wont be any power, etc so it will get dark real quick. The build out of infrastructure will happen over the next few months. Then we will have a real home! Yippee!!

If you have other ideas for tricking out the building, please post! and/or come and discuss.  Here’s an example I found via google search…

Paul Stankey container home outside of Duluth, Minnesota

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    • Jerry
      Jerry says:

      Sorry for delay in reply – its been a busy week.
      I would love for you and other makers to paint a mural on the container! I think its a great idea.
      First step, after delivery, is to plan out the building. Nicole Sweeny, an architect recently moved to Maui, has offered to help make some drawings and a laser cut model of our proposed building. We will need this for upcoming fund raising and presentations to CWD board and others.

      Stay tooned for more developments!


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