New Wiki for Maui Makers – mostly Chill Box at present

You probably have not noticed but our wiki got hammered by spammers.  I tried cleaning it up and installing spam blocking stuff but to no avail. Ben W did a big cleanup job a few weeks back and it was good for a couple days.  However the spammers came back, got around the blocks (creating 100s of user accounts) and posted all sorts of garbage. None of it was linked in to main pages but probably got put there to game the search engines.

We had been using MediaWiki (same as Wikipedia), but had found it quite cumbersome. Adding images and other media apparently requires uploading them separately using ftp, and then linking them.  Yeech.  Our experience with QTask was a bit better, but its wiki feature does not make it easy to create collections of pages, especially if the whole collection is intended to be publicly accessible.

So last week, needing someplace to document The Chill Box Project, I wiped out the old wiki and installed a new one. This time its based on DokuWiki.  At present the editor requires you to use its syntax (not wysiwyg) but it is a LOT easier to create pages and insert media.  I only brought over the front page for now.  I’ve got the rest archived on my macbook and will upload soon.  Meanwhile Cole and I have been working on the Chill Box Project Documentation pages.  Take a look.  If you would like to help, you need to create an account, and then email me so I can add you as an author.

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