Prime and Dmize visit Maui Makers

Dmize throwie on Maui Makers container

Dmize throwie on Maui Makers container

Hui No’eau was running a young adult workshop this week (7/12/11) on Aerosol Mural Painting

My son took workshop and I invited the instructor, Prime (of 808Urban), and crew to our Thursday night meeting. Prime, Dmize and Paula (Photographer) came down and talked story for a couple hours. It was a great conversation. We talked about Makers, fab tech, teaching teens, history and etiquette of graffiti. Next week Prime and crew are going to be working on a large mural at the Paia skate park (teen center I believe). They will be working with the local youth.

Image from 808Urban Portfolio

Tags are the common low level graffiti, often done without consideration or talent (unfortunately). Next up are Throwies (throw-ups) which are quick works done without extensive planning. Pieces and Murals are the top level of this art – with careful planning and thought. You can paint Throwies over Tags and Murals over Throwies (and tags) but should nevergo the other way (tags over anything, except maybe other tags). There is responsible choice of surface on which to paint – avoid private property, small biz, etc. Dont paint over safety markings (eg on rail cars), etc.

Hui No'eau aerosol mural in process.

Prime has come out of retirement to teach teens respectful art. He focuses on murals with a strong polynesian theme. Here’s a video interview with Prime:

Prime, Dmize and Paula were really happy to visit and talk story. They offered to gift us with some of their art and I accepted. Dmize threw up a nice bit on the side of our container. Prime added a few small tags and plans to come back next week thursday to a larger piece. I hope to see more members there too!

I am Maui Maker and I approve this art.

Here’s the full Flickr set:

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