MauiMakers segment on’s Self Made in Hawaii

Self Made in Hawaii” is a cable tv show on Hawaii’s OC16. The producer, Jess Craven, came to the last meeting of 2011 (Dec 29th) and filmed some interviews, builds, etc. He did a fantastic job of shooting and editing.  We are the first of three segments in the show now airing on  You can catch the full show on-line as a simulcast (Tues 5am, Wed 3pm, Thu 1030am, Sat 8pm, Sun 2am HST GMT-10). After a month or so on cable, the full show will be available on the web site. Jess has kindly edited our segment into an easily linked Vimeo upload for your immediate viewing pleasure….

Maui Makers from SelfMadeinHawaii on Vimeo.

Thank you Jess!! And to all the Makers who were interviewed, and/or just there hanging out!

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    • Jerry
      Jerry says:

      Thanks for the good words! From you it means a lot to me, Dale! Jess did a fantastic job on the shoot & edit. Lighting was great. I love the way the sand fire pit build progresses thru the spot from early work thru operation. I’m working to figure a way to get you out here Dale. Maybe we can wrangle you a good make-cation. Looking forward to seeing you on CNN this weekend…. and at the symposium in April.

  1. Richard
    Richard says:

    Hi, I just saw this video off Evil Mad Scientist Labs, and was wondering what advice you might have for someone looking to get in contact with a local Makerspace ( I live in Columbus, OH)? Is there some kind of central site or list?


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