Maui Makers has a Real Building!

Maui Makers New Home

Its official, Maui Makers now has use of 1550+sqft of the F-2 Cafeteria building in Pu’unene, courtesy Hawaii Dept of Education. This is the building next to our container, so the basic location has not changed. However, now we have:

  • a large (34′ x 31′) open classroom
  • a kitchen (14 x 22) with two sinks, stove, and washer/dryer
  • a small (7 x 5) room w/built in shelves (and power breakers)
  • a larger (11 x 14) ‘office’ with shelves, 3 windows and working air conditioner
  • two bathrooms!! (outside)
  • AC Power galore.

Floor Plan of Maui Makers F2 Building in Pu'unene HI

We may be able to add use of ‘the pantry’ (size unknown), with its security gate (in kitchen). The DoEd had stored a bunch of exercise equipment in the ‘office’. We moved it to the large room. They also stored a foosball table in there. We set that up in the kitchen. The feet and some of the players are broken but it is still functional.

We need to secure the exterior windows on the front (kitchen) area. Perhaps some bars made from welded rebar? Some of the rooms need painting. Everything needs a deep cleaning. Then we are ready to move in equipment!

The Classroom:

Interior F2 Classroom from rear corner

Panorama of classroom in F2 Cafeteria - kitchen is on left

The large room in the center of the building is an open 34′ x 31′ space. DoEd mayoccasionally want to use if for meetings, etc. We can use it for classes, temporary projects, etc. If we are going to use it for any projects longer than a couple days, we need to inform DoEd. There are two (large but skanky) bathrooms off this big room. They are NOT to be used. If you need one, there are two bathrooms with doors outside on the front of the building (towards our container). The interior bathrooms are much larger – which would mean a LOT more custodial work if they were used. Since Dept of Ed is providing cleaning, they get to say dont use em… besides which, they need a bunch of work.

New Kitchen Doorway

We installed a lockable door between the kitchen and the classroom this past Thursday (3May2012), with the expectation that DoEd was going to retain the classroom. It will still be useful securing our space if/when DoEd wants to use the room. The windows to the left of the door now open/close for pass-through. They can lock but we may want to add some sort of security grate over them.

The Kitchen Area:

The main kitchen area is about 17′ long and 14′ wide. It has a lot of counter space, with cabinets under counter. We need to clean out the cabinets and then they can be secured as project storage for members.
There is 220v power in the opening for the stove. There is a stove+oven but we dont know if it works. I have not even opened it to look inside.
The main sink (under window) has two parts and works pretty well. The other sink (on right) is deep but has very weak water flow. Oh, we do have hot water. There is a non-functional refrigerator which we have arranged for CWD to pickup for disposal when we get it outside.

Closet and Hallway
Off the kitchen is a fair sized (7′ x 5′) closet, which has the power breaker panel inside, and a small cupboard with shelves built into the wall. Someone had fun splattering paint all over this room (and its carpet.) We need to repaint, remove the carpet and clean out the shelves. We also need to get a key to the breaker panel.

Next to the closet is a hallway to the Office. There is a washer and dryer setup on one wall. The washer has (leaky) hot and cold water and working drain. There is no exhaust or 220v power for the dryer. Maybe they swapped the dryer and stove as needed? The security door in the hall opens to ‘The Pantry’. We havent seen it yet but based on wall space, it should be pretty large.

The Office – Shop
The back room was called ‘The Office’ by DoEd. Its a 14′ x 11′ concrete block room with shelves built into one wall. The long outside wall has one window with a working air conditioner (aka dust hole). The short outside wall has two windows. There are two rows of power outlets running around the room, and a set of RJ-45 connectors. Some of the RJ-45 say Data, while others are probably phone. It is not known yet if the Data sockets are live network access. This room will make an excellent workshop!

Shelves in The Office (and Cole)

Here’s the full Flickr set:

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