Work Meeting May 10th 2012

We had a great meeting on thursday may 10th sprucing up the new space. Brian Thomas came roaring in early ready to paint. We picked up a big bucket of used paint from CWD and got rolling. Over the next couple hours we had a half dozen people or more come thru and lend a hand. The results were pretty terrific.

Remember that ‘closet’ that had paint splattered all over the walls and ceilings? It looked like some ugly accident happened. At the end of the night it was a whole different room.

We only did the main walls, although some trim got painted with the same color too. We should get a gallon of contrasting trim paint and get these done right. Here’s a selection of pictures I took at the meeting. Compare these with the ones in previous blog post. Oh and that foosball table got a real workout too.

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