Makers build garden beds for UHMC Community Gardens

Two local organizations that have been a big help to Maui Makers over the last year are Community Work Day (CWD)  and Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM). They have also cooperated on the community gardens program, which has put gardens at several schools around Maui.  Back in May they had the  ground breaking ceremony for their UHMC Community Garden.  Cole Santos, one of our core makers, has also been instrumental in this garden effort through his support at work with Maui Dept of Water Supply.

UHMC SLIM Garden ground breaking May 10th 2010.   That’s Cole in middle.

The garden is located off the NW corner of the big parking lot (google map).  Its basically a big sand lot drainage pit.  They have been clearing excavating and preparing the ground.

UHMC Community Garden – former drainage sand pit.

This weekend we got a chance to give back to CWD and SLIM.  Tracy Turlow, the garden coordinator, asked if Makers could help build some planting beds for the garden.  I asked her to come down to our Thursday meeting and talk with the attendees, which she and her friend Hogan did.  We juggled calendars and talked designs and settled on doing a quick work blitz today (Sunday July 8 2012), hacking up some shipping pallets into raised beds.  We met at the gardens about 9-930am and went off to collect donated pallets.  Original plan had been to build at the garden but there was no accessible power so we opted to do the build back at our Pu’unene location.

makers building garden beds

We cut the pallets in to about 19″ tall – which on some was half way, and others required cutting twice with a 6″ leftover.  We then used a framing gun to nail the pieces together into rectangular boxes – one pallet wide by two pallets long.  This was a similar design to some that Bret had built before so he led the build.

Bret and Cole Building Garden Bed

We managed to build up four garden bed and load one in my (Jerry’s) truck, and three in Bret’s full size pickup.

Garden builders Bin, Bret, Brian, Cole and Jerry with pallets loaded.

We had some parts left over (with trucks fully loaded), so we built a 1×5 garden bed out behind our space.  We will need to build up some compost, fill it, rebuild the irrigation system but we should have a garden back there shortly.

Bret and Cole building garden bed behind our makerspace

We caravanned back over to UHMC campus, where Tracy met us, and carried the garden beds out into the sand pit.  This will not be the final setup, but the garden folks intend to build a Hale, some serious composting pits, the center drainage line, and ramps around the terracing. They will probably need another 10-12 garden beds. We’ll be back to help as we can.  It was a good morning build.  We finished up around 1pm and adjourned to Amigos for some good eats and talk.

Garden beds in place

Garden beds in temporary locations

Here’s the full Flickr set of pics from July UHMC Garden Bed Build:

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