Makers Moving Out of Pu’unene F2 Building by June 1st

Aloha Makers and Friends,

Maui Makers needs a new space. We have been asked to vacate most of the F2 Cafeteria building in from which we have been operating in Pu’unene by June 1, 2013. The Hawaii Dept of Education, who manages the buildings, requires the space for newly hired Resource Coordinators for the Special Education Group. Mahalo HI Dept of Ed for their graceful support to date.

This is a time to grow. Relocating will give opportunity to regroup, reorganize our equipment and community. Do not fret as the plan is to stay within central Maui.

We have leads and are looking for more. 1500-3000 sq ft is the starting range to properly operate. The space should be zoned for Light Industrial, or better, to allow use of Maui Makers’ heavier workshop tools. A class/meeting room and an area for clean work (electronics, etc.) are also critical within a prospective lead’s square footage. The prospective area should be powered, plumbed, and network ready if possible. Affordability is a key aspect. To date operations have paid $0.00 in rent. This has allowed Maui Makers to offer lower monthly and annual memberships as commonly due at other spaces both small and large.

The first part of business is to clear out the F2 space currently used. Ben Ward and Jerry Isdale will be off island most of this week, but some tasks can begin as we come into the final weeks of May. A full schedule to have us removed by June 1st, 2013 is forthcoming. Below are some preliminaries for this first stage.

Top of the list, we need to build 2-3 portable electronics work stations accompanying kits for other technologies as well. The idea is to use these over the next couple months for PopUp Makerspace at temporary locations TBD (community centers, schools, libraries, etc) while we settled into our new space. These spaces also require additional scouting and leads.

Secondly, all usable equipment needs to be identified and marked as such. Machine parts need to be noted and identified as usable, dismantlement for a Take Apart Party, or recycled/E-Waste. Unusable items and scrap should be deposited at the proper facilities.

Thirdly, equipment that was officially donated to Maui Makers needs to be specifically identified and closely tracked. We are accountable to our fiscal sponsors for their patronage and must maintain proper records for due diligence, taxation and legal accountability. Those tools go into The Container for storage only. Proper rigging for travel, with accessibility in mind, and security must also be detailed.

Also the weekly Thursday Maui Maker Meetings in Pu’unene will be postponed as of May 31st, 2013. Popup locations for weekly meetings will suffice until our permanent home is settled. As usual we will still use our Google Group email/web list (, our Facebook group and our website to keep you informed of when and where these meetings will take place.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Jerry Isdale

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