Maui Makers on KAOI Radio on 3d Printers

On Saturday Sept 28, 2013, Jerry Isdale, (me) founder of Maui Makers, was a guest on the KAOI Radio talk show “Maui Online”. KAOI broadcasts on 96.7FM and 1110AM. The primary topic of the ~2 hour show was 3D Printing. There were a breaks every 15 min or so – I had not realized how this breaks up a conversation. The off-air conversations were also fun, but not recorded. The show was fun and they want to have me/us back to talk about the whole breadth of Makers.

You can download the show or listen to the MP3s from the Maui Q&A website or listen hear:

Sparkfun National Tour comes to Maui Oct 19 2013

Maui Makers, in cooperation with County of Maui Mayor’s Office of Economic Development Maui Economic Development Board and Maui County Office of Economic Development, is proud to bring Sparkfun ElectronicsNational Tour to Maui to teach an “Introduction To Arduino” workshop on Oct 19th.

Update Oct 2 – Although the seats w/kits are sold out (2weeks ahead of time!), this is still an excellent 8hour training w/lunch. There are a total of 20 kits. We are keeping 5 for use in future workshops. Doubling up on them is really a good way to learn basics. You can buy your own arduino (and parts) at local Radio Shack stores, or online from a variety of vendors. Maui Makers plans to have some special ones in stock later this year.

Update Oct 10 – Attendees will need to complete a Sparkfun Liability Waver.

Attendees will get a full day of instruction in the use of the Arduino Microcontroller, and 15 attendees get to keep their Sparkfun Inventors Kit (a $99.95 value, plus shipping!). 8hour Workshop with kit and lunch is $55. Without the kit (but with lunch) is $25.
Sparkfun Inventors Kit V3

The kit is a great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the Arduino programming language. The SIK includes everything you need to complete 15 circuits that will teach you how to read sensors, display information on an LCD, drive motors, and more. You don’t need any previous programming or electronics experience to use this kit.

The workshop is intended for students of all ages (well maybe 4th grade up with parent) as well as teachers, librarians, after-school coordinators, and other educators, showing how electronics can be a vital part of education. Whether you’ve never played around with DIY electronics or you are a seasoned pro, we will give you the tools, knowledge, and skills you need to explore the wonderful world of how electronics fits with STEAM.
Please join us in revolutionizing the way electronics are taught in our high schools, middle schools, libraries, after-school programs, and even elementary schools! With your help, we can change the face of education!

The class will be held at MEDB’s facility in Kihei from 9am-5pm with an hour for lunch (included).
Please bring your laptop to install/use the software if possible. ( )
We will have a very limited number of laptops for others to use (mostly those NOT getting a kit)

Register at

Attendees will need to fill out a Sparkfun Liability Waver.

Regina Dugan, former Director of DARPA at Maker Faire

Regina Dugan was Director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration (DARPA). Now she is an executive at Motorola Mobility (Google). She gave a terrific talk at the 2013 World Maker Faire NYC about Makers. I heartily recommend spending 25min and watching it…

The Future is What We Choose to Make from Maker Faire on

Restarting Meetings Thurs 26 Sept 2013

Just a quick post to let you know that we are restarting our meetings.
Tonight (26Sept2013) (sorry for late notice) we will be meeting in the library of the Main Building of the Pu’unene School. Thats the big sorta white building on Camp 5 Road – not the smaller cafeteria F2 building around back.
Starting at 6pm – come down and talk. Its not a formal presentation night. We should have our UP 3D Printer there and running, as well as lots of info on upcoming activities – and pictures, etc from Maker Faires. I (Jerry Isdale) was at Bay Area, Detroit, and NYC in the last couple months since our last meetup.