Arduino Workshop May 16, 2014

Great turnout, even though some of the regulars were at Start Up Weekend.

Since I only had Control Freaks, we got down and dirty with learning how the Arduino works so that we can push it to its limits.

Don’t let this scare you off if you are a Newbie or just want to build a cool Instructable you saw online.  The workshop format adapts to cover all skill levels present.

This coming Friday:

0. Newbies will have a chance to start with the basics.

1. We’ll see if we can come up with the parts to get a group building a 3-d cube:

I’ve got parts on order, but does anyone have 100 LEDs lying around?

2. By special request last week: pulse width modulation (PWM).

O-scope and voltmeter to see how the Arduino was actually working.

Breaking out the big toys

Breaking out the big toys

Yup, I even made the college students do… Calculus!

If anyone wants to, they can repeat that (minus the calculus).

3. One of the regular attendees wants to learn about robots.

A Robots group will start with learning about different ways to control motors.

4. Depending on time and interest, a group can start their own project.


If you have any questions, or suggested builds, you can email me at

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