Arduino Workshop for Friday June 27th – Venue Change

Aloha Makers,

The UH Maui campus is not available tomorrow Friday Jun 27th for the Arduino Workshop.

We are going to meet tomorrow at *Cafe Carmen* in the Kihei Tech Park at our usual 6-9pm.  The address is: 535 Lipoa Pkwy, Kihei, HI 96753

Join us to talk story with Arduino projects and all Maker interests!


Monthly Maker Meeting for June

We are meeting at the Puunene location at 6:00 PM this Thursday June 5th.

We will be showing new Arduino electronics kits.

Bob Conlon will talk about his home automation system including an Arduino Ethernet Temperature Reporting and Fan Controller that is switched on/off based on the difference between ceiling temperature and outdoor air temperature and/or any other temperature conditions. All home system data are available over Ethernet on an Arduino-based small web server.

We are also looking at an LED cube and reviewing Neo-Pixels vs RGB LEDs: RGB LEDs require 3 arduino PWM digital ports to set the color for one multi-color LED where with Neo-Pixel’s only 1 plain digital port can control the color individually of 100’s of Neo-Pixels.

LED Cube

LED cube and motors – May 2014 arduino class

Another resounding success with the Maui Makers Arduino Workshop. Repeat attendees, with 3 newbies–Brian and Ben (Sr) & Ben (Jr).

Dee brought the e-textile quilt she’s working on, and Bob showed off his newest Smart Home contraption.

Dee's awesome quilt under construction

Dee’s awesome quilt under construction

The group spent some time ogling the new equipment rolling in–more on that in a separate post. Then the group got the newbies up to speed and controlling motors with the Arduinos. Brian exclaimed, Wow, this is a lot more hands on than I expected! What a great way to start the weekend.

The high school students are quickly approaching ninja-level soldering masters, with the first layer of the LED cube complete.

Planning for the 4x4x4 LED cube build

Planning for the 4x4x4 LED cube build

The Doctor is In--soldering the cube

The Doctor is In–soldering the cube

4x4x4 LED cube first layer complete

4x4x4 LED cube first layer complete