Dremel Build Day – Sat. Aug 2, 2014 11am-4pm

Maui Makers presents “Dremel Build Day”   with sponsorship from Instructables.com
(for full background on sponsorship see the Instructables.com post)

When: Saturday August 2, 11am-4pm
Where: Home of Richard and Lynn Rasmussen – 3191 Baldwin Ave, Makawao Hawaii 96768
(map link http://goo.gl/maps/3hVNF )

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Who: Open to Public. Under 18 requires presence of parent or legal guardian.
Liability wavers (available on-site) must be signed to attend.
No children under 10yrs, please. And only if they are participating.

What: Learn to use Dremel rotary and multi-max tools, help us make at least 2 “instructables” documenting how-to projects with them.

The event itself is free. We will have a small quantity of materials for use. Perhaps some larger pieces available at cost. Instructables has provided us with 5 dremel  Model 4000 rotary tools and three Multi-Max MM30 Oscillating tools, along with a supply of bits (5x of the 3 sets pictured below) etc.

Dremel parts 2 Dremel 4000 & MM30 Machines

What to Bring:

  1. Your Project Ideas (and supplies – wood, plexiglas, glue, nails, etc)
  2. Your own eye protection, dust mask, and other safety gear.
  3. Your own dremel and/or other tools (while we have some, more is more!) MARK YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT!! write your name on it so it leaves with you.
  4. Sack lunch, beverage, and something to share if you like.
  5. Digital Camera/Video/laptop/smartphone – to help document the projects

(Note Instructables has apps for both IOS and Android
What Kind of Dremel Project?
Great question.  Most projects might use a Dremel for only a small task (cutting bolts, sanding finish, etc) This would be fine for practice and maybe an intro-to-dremel instructable. Other projects might feature the tools – carving/engraving wood/acrylic sculptures, trimming pet’s nails.

Dremel has a video showing some quick ideas: cut metal pipe, wire shelving, nails; remove grout, drill/shape/sand wood

Why: we have been given over $1000 worth of Dremel tools for our makerspace, on the condition that we host a build night (day), give a 15minute safety presentation, and create at least two “instructables” (text/pics/video how to for the website http://www.instructables.com ) Again, the background on their sponsorship is on their blog page: http://www.instructables.com/community/July-2014-Build-Night-with-Dremel/

If we do a good job with this project & make some cool instructables (extra points for blog posts), Instructables will keep us on the list for more supplies and tools.

Please come out and help! If you don’t have a project in mind, come help document.

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