Learn to Solder 11-Dec-2014

Jerry Isdale will be leading a Learn To Solder class this week thursday evening, 11-Dec-2014, 6-9 PM at St Anthony Jr-Sr High School in Maryknoll Hall, Rm 21

Students will be offered several options for learning electronics soldering. All are accessible and doable by first timers, and good practice for those with some experience. Advanced folks are welcome to come and lend a hand as mentors.

Basic soldering of wires will take you from crude methods up to the Lineman’s Splice required by NASA, etc. http://makezine.com/2012/02/28/how-to-splice-wire-to-nasa-standards/

Several kits are available for purchase from other members who have personal stock (prices vary)

  • The Evil Mad Science Laboratory’s Larson Scanner Kit (http://shop.evilmadscientist.com/productsmenu/tinykitlist/152-scanner) is a challenging project for those new to soldering, but quite doable.
  • MakerShed’s Learn To Solder Badge ( http://www.makershed.com/products/learn-to-solder-skill-badge-kit) is a nice simple kit, often used at MakerFaire’s Learn To Solder tents
  • Solder Practice Kit (older version of http://www.amazon.com/Elenco-SP3B-Practical-Soldering-Project/dp/B0002LUALG)

These will be available for purchase on a first come first sold basis.

($5.00 for non-members/free for members; suggested material fee: $1.00;  kits available for purchase direct from other members)

Space is limited, and will be first come, first serve.

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