What’s Up?

Lots of exciting happenings at the Makerspace.  We are open noon to 5 pm every Saturday and Sunday at 200 Waiehu Beach Road (across the street from Jack in the box). The first Thursday from 6 to 9 pm is also open hours. Other events will be shown on our Google calendar.

Drop in and check us out. Members and non-members welcome.

The shop area (office 3) is functional with workbenches, basic tools, and a selection of power tools. We’ll get the full list posted soon. Training, proficiency check and membership are required to use the tools. Use fees will be based on membership levels. Pete Menningen is our shop master, with over 41 years in product development and testing for Craftsman! Expect to see additional tools and equipment added as membership grows.


The classroom (office 2) is complete. We have wifi, a Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, soldering irons and a laptop with shareware design software set up for member use. At least one of the 3d printers will be set up soon.

The facility issues in the dedicated electronics lab (tool access on the layout) have been corrected, so we are starting build out there. In the meantime, the classroom is doubling as the Electronics lab.

Contact us at info@mauimakers.com with any questions.

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