April Events (Special Guest, Forge, and Rockets 2.0, and more!)

Arduino Classes continue on Thursdays, with a the exception of April 2 and 9.

The space will be open for making or visiting every  Sat and Sun from 12 to 5.

All events are at the Makerspace–200 Waiehu Beach Road, unless otherwise noted.

Special events

April 2,  Open Public meeting (Free and Open to the Public)–6 to 9 PM

Meet other makers, talk story, brag on your projects, get and share advice and check out the space.

April 9,  Special Guest Speaker–6 to 9 PM

Design a Raspberry Pi HAT using KiCAD running on the Raspberry Pi 2

A step-by-step guide to creating a Raspberry Pi HAT using the KiCAD suite of EDA tools running on the Raspberry Pi 2 itself.

The KiCAD project is an open source suite of EDA tools. KiCAD runs on Linux and the new Raspberry Pi 2 now has enough processing power to run KiCAD. KiCAD includes tools for schematic capture, netlist creation, printed circuit board (PCB) layout and a gerber viewer.

This presentation will cover:
– What is a HAT?
– Requirements for a HAT to be called a Raspberry Pi HAT
– Installing KiCAD on the Pi
– Drawing a schematic in KiCAD
– PCB layout in KiCAD
– Creating gerbers files
– Get your HAT PCB built

This is a great opportunity to preview a talk that will be given at the Bay Area Maker Faire.


Eric Thompson is an Electrical Engineer and the founder of Low Voltage Labs

Low Voltage Labs designs and sells Open Source Hardware for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and easy to solder kits.

April 11, Fire up the Forge–noon to 2 PM

During this class we will fire up our forge and melt some aluminum cans. Learn about forge construction, operations, and safety. This class is a precursor to a metal fabrication working group. (Free for members, must be a paid member at at least the friend level, see our Membership page).

April 18, Maui-makers Rocketry–9 AM to 2 PM

This month the Maui-makers rocketry group is offering an advanced rocketry class. This includes the activities of our Basic class, but adds larger motors Starts with straw rockets, followed by building and launching an Estes Rocket with various motor sizes. The final project the working group will assemble a loadstar rocket and hack a key-chain camera to take video of the flight. (Open to the Public, Class fee is $80 per family, members get a $10 discount)

Loadstar Rocket

Previous Rocket Class


April 18, 3D printing day–noon to 5 PM

Drop in and see the 3d-printer in action, learn how to find pre-made designs, and use the 3Doodlers –a 3D printer that you hold in your hand to draw in 3D!

3Doodler creation by Brian Isdale

3Doodler creation by Brian Isdale


April 25, Tinkering for kids–10 AM to noon

Introduce children to electronics and electricity in a fun and simple way. Activities are based on curriculum from the Exploratorium, and is great for all ages.

The instructor (Laura Ulibarri) has a Certificate in Tinkering Fundamentals: A Constructionist Approach to STEM Learning.

Maui Makers Accepted to Participate in mini-Makerfaire

We just received notice that our application for the Mini Maker Faire on Honolulu was accepted!

This event will take place Saturday, May 9th on Oahu from noon to 5 pm.

Maui Makers was also a participant in last year’s inaugural event and we look forward to another awesome event: hanging with other Makers, showcasing the awesomeness of Maui’s maker community and spreading the maker buzz. As Maui Makers grows in membership, we plan to bring a Maker Faire to Maui…

If you’re interested in group builds, manning the booth, displaying “Made on Maui” items, manning the booth, etc. please contact us at info@mauimakers.com.

Last year’s event had 750+ attendees and there will be a workshop on the Internet of Things and exciting maker competitions.

Free registration is open now, so please sign up before the early bird deadline of April 9th: http://hnlmkf2015.eventbrite.com.




Special Interest Group (SIG) on CNC Machines starting

We are starting up a Special Interest Group (SIG) within Maui Makers that focuses on CNC Machines.
CNC= Computer Numerically Controlled. Machines like the Shapeoko, 3D printers, milling and other machines that make other machines and stuff.  The underlying control of mechanical systems is used in closely related fields of Robotics, etc. The group will be a place to share experiences, work on projects (using/upgrading our Shapeoko), and meet others with similar interest.

The plan is to meet on the last Tuesday evening of the month at our makerspace (200 Waiehu Beach Rd, Wailuku, HI) at 630pm for a couple hours. First meeting will be next week March 31st. We will talk-story and look over our Shapeoko to plan out some upgrades and future of the SIG.

The first meeting will be open to public but future attendance will be limited to Paid Members of Maui Makers. Membership at the Friend level is inexpensive ($40/yr).

We are in planning stages for other SIGs.  If you have an interest and would like to start one, talk to us at info@mauimakers.com

Maui Makers at TEDxYouth Seabury Hall–29 March

Maui Makers will be closed on 29th March.


Instead, come join us from 9 am to 2 pm at TEDxYouth at Seabury Hall


See link below for more info about Maui’s most excellent youth!



Special Event–Eggbot returns 28 March

Just in time to help celebrate Springtime, and any rites of spring…Easter,

Bring eggs or other ovoid shapes to decorate. (We have ping pong balls)

What is Eggbot? A fun and easy way to draw patterns on roundish things. A great platform for entry into the fascinating world of CNC!

Note: we have rent, wifi, utilities and other bills to pay, so have now instituted a paid membership structure. See www.mauimakers.com/membership-in-maui-makers.

Non-members are welcome to attend. A $5.00 donation is suggested to keep Maui’s only Makerspace growing and thriving

Arduino Day Hackathon–Saturday March 28


March 28 is Arduino Day.

10:30-2:30 Hackathon

To celebrate, come by the space (200 Waiehu Beach Rd) with ideas and projects for individual or group Hackathon.

For more info, please contact Arduino@mauimakers.com.

Note: we have rent, wifi, utilities and other bills to pay, so have now instituted a paid membership structure. See www.mauimakers.com/membership-in-maui-makers.

Non-members are welcome to attend.

If you like what we’re doing, but not ready for a full commitment, please consider making donations. That will keep us going until you’re in a better position to commit.


Upcoming Events for March 2015

Arduino Classes every Thursday from 6-9 PM

Public Meeting first Thursday from 6-9 PM

21-Mar-2015–Open Hours (12:00-5:00)–All ages

22-Mar-2015–Open Hours (12:00-5:00)–All ages

Open build hours. Come by with your projects and meet Maui Makers!

Need tools? We got ’em

Need a workbench? We got ’em

Need a 3d-printer? We got ’em

Need soldering equipment? We got it

Need help? We got you covered


28-Mar-2015–Arduino Day Hackathon (10:30-2:30)–All ages

As a follow on to our spectacular Pi Day!

Did you know there’s an Arduino Day? Do you know what an Arduino is? Do you want to learn how to program and control the physical world easily and quickly? Then Arduino’s are for you.

Bring your project and questions to Maui Makers and spend time with other Arduino enthusiasts!

Contact Arduino@mauimakers.com for further info


28-Mar-2015–Eggbot Returns (1:00-5:00)–All ages

Bring your Easter (or preferred Spring Holiday) Eggs or other roundish objects and run them through the Eggbot to decorate them!

First come, first served. Free to members, $5.00 to non-members.


Other events to keep on the lookout for:

3D printing

Gocupi polar plotter build



Pi Day at Maui’s Makerspace

Pi day at the Makerspace was great fun.


Good turnout and some new faces.


Jonelle Davis’s homemade raspberry pi took the prize.


We calculated pi empirically using nails (see photo). Good example of how sample size affects the results. We started out at 3.67, 2.83 and ended the day at 3.2.


Many Raspberry Pi demos (courtesy of Bob Conlon), with both the old and new version. I must say, the Raspberry Pi 2 is an impressive machine. Anyone want to lead an interest group?

The kids went home with raspberry pi stickers and 3d printed bracelets.

Arduino Workshop–Updated Now on Thursday nights

Arduino group has settled on Thursday night as Arduino Night. Except for the first Thursday (reserved for public meeting).

Learn all about Arduino in a series of classes by Bob and Dee Conlon.


6:00 set up

6:30-8:00 class time

8:00-9:00 extra help and project work


  • Laptop
  • Arduino
  • electronic components


If you don’t already have an Arduino, don’t panic. Arduino Uno’s and parts will be available for purchase.

This Basic class is Free to Friends, Basic and Full Members. To become a member, go to our Membership page here:


Note 1: we only have the classroom and the shop open at this time, so during the class we ask for your consideration in giving the students and teachers quiet and space necessary during class time. The shop will be open, but prolonged use of noisy equipment would not be appropriate during the instruction time.

Note 2: we love enthusiastic youth and encourage family participation. However, the legalities of insurance policies require releases of liability signed by adults, and frown on unattended children. Furthermore, we find great value in creating communities of learning, and find that family experiences are better for all concerned. That being said, we understand the reality of making ends meet. If you need special arrangements, please contact info@mauimakers.com 1 week ahead of the event.

Pi Day 3-14-15, 9:27 am

Celebrate all things pi (and raspberry) with Maui Makers


Doors open promptly at 9:27–it’s a Pi thing…


9:27 am

See the amazing Raspberry Pi open source computer in action. If you have a Raspberry Pi project you’re working on, bring it by and brag on it or get advice from other Pi proponents. If you’re new to Pi, come see what the excitement about this $35.00 open source computer us all about.


11:00 am

Pi(e) contest – Make an awesome pi(e)? Then make one to share! $10.00 entry fee. Vote for your favorite.  Winner takes home $25.00 prize, with proceeds to go towards Pi-related equipment for Maui Makers to start a Pi interest group.



Pizza Pi(e) – join us for pizza pie. $2.00/slice, soda and bottled water $1.00 each. All proceeds to go towards Pi-related equipment for Maui Makers to start a Pi interest group.