Arduino Workshop–Updated Now on Thursday nights

Arduino group has settled on Thursday night as Arduino Night. Except for the first Thursday (reserved for public meeting).

Learn all about Arduino in a series of classes by Bob and Dee Conlon.


6:00 set up

6:30-8:00 class time

8:00-9:00 extra help and project work


  • Laptop
  • Arduino
  • electronic components


If you don’t already have an Arduino, don’t panic. Arduino Uno’s and parts will be available for purchase.

This Basic class is Free to Friends, Basic and Full Members. To become a member, go to our Membership page here:

Note 1: we only have the classroom and the shop open at this time, so during the class we ask for your consideration in giving the students and teachers quiet and space necessary during class time. The shop will be open, but prolonged use of noisy equipment would not be appropriate during the instruction time.

Note 2: we love enthusiastic youth and encourage family participation. However, the legalities of insurance policies require releases of liability signed by adults, and frown on unattended children. Furthermore, we find great value in creating communities of learning, and find that family experiences are better for all concerned. That being said, we understand the reality of making ends meet. If you need special arrangements, please contact 1 week ahead of the event.

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