CNC SIG Meeting Wed 6 May 2015

shapeoko desktop cnc

shapeoko desktop cnc

The Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Special Interest Group (SIG) will be meeting again on WEDNESDAY 6 May… note the change of day. there is another meeting using the space on tuesday.

Come down and talk story about CNC machines large and small. We will review our Shapeoko machine and discuss upgrade options. Attendees are encouraged to bring pics and samples of their own machines (i’ll assume the machines themselves are not that portable.)

First time attendance is open to all. After that we request you become at least a Friend level member of our group.

Happenings at the Makerspace April 2015

Things are really starting to come along nicely at Maui Makers.

TEDxYouth was a great event to see the quality of Maui’s next generation of leaders.

We’ve passed 40 paid members, so are on track for our membership goals.

We’ve got the power into the electronics lab, so look for it to open soon.

The space is starting to get a good roster of activities going on.

Look for our Menehune Makers children’s program soon.

Our Up 3D printer is now working, so we’re up to 2 printers. Shapeoko CNC is coming along nicely, and we’ll be offering training on safe use of power tools.

On the business front, board member elections are coming up and we’re inviting qualified members of the community to help carry the torch forward. Look for more info soon.

Schedule Change- April 18 2015 rocketry postponed

Schedule update for Saturday 18 April.

Rocketry 2.0 on saturday 18 april is postponed.

3D printing is still scheduled for 12 to 5 pm.

Alternate activities being developed for 9 to 12 time slot to replace rocketry.

We regret to inform everyone that our rockets appear to have been lost in shipping. Although we worked out a promise to deliver the replacements quickly, the order appears to have been delayed.

At this time we do not have an estimate on when the order will be received.

Sincere apologies about getting your hopes up.

Meanwhile, you can console yourself by knowing that we aren’t the only ones having issues with our of rockets:

We will have alternate activities at the space during the scheduled rocketry time–you are still welcome to join us.

April 9– Special Guest Speaker from Low Voltage Labs

April 9,  Special Guest Speaker–6 to 9 PM

Design a Raspberry Pi HAT using KiCAD running on the Raspberry Pi 2

A step-by-step guide to creating a Raspberry Pi HAT using the KiCAD suite of EDA tools running on the Raspberry Pi 2 itself.

The KiCAD project is an open source suite of EDA tools. KiCAD runs on Linux and the new Raspberry Pi 2 now has enough processing power to run KiCAD. KiCAD includes tools for schematic capture, netlist creation, printed circuit board (PCB) layout and a gerber viewer.

This presentation will cover:
– What is a HAT?
– Requirements for a HAT to be called a Raspberry Pi HAT
– Installing KiCAD on the Pi
– Drawing a schematic in KiCAD
– PCB layout in KiCAD
– Creating gerbers files
– Get your HAT PCB built

This is a great opportunity to preview a talk that will be given at the Bay Area Maker Faire. 

Low Voltage Labs designs and sells Open Source Hardware for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and easy to solder kits.