April 9– Special Guest Speaker from Low Voltage Labs

April 9,  Special Guest Speaker–6 to 9 PM

Design a Raspberry Pi HAT using KiCAD running on the Raspberry Pi 2

A step-by-step guide to creating a Raspberry Pi HAT using the KiCAD suite of EDA tools running on the Raspberry Pi 2 itself.

The KiCAD project is an open source suite of EDA tools. KiCAD runs on Linux and the new Raspberry Pi 2 now has enough processing power to run KiCAD. KiCAD includes tools for schematic capture, netlist creation, printed circuit board (PCB) layout and a gerber viewer.

This presentation will cover:
– What is a HAT?
– Requirements for a HAT to be called a Raspberry Pi HAT
– Installing KiCAD on the Pi
– Drawing a schematic in KiCAD
– PCB layout in KiCAD
– Creating gerbers files
– Get your HAT PCB built

This is a great opportunity to preview a talk that will be given at the Bay Area Maker Faire. 

Low Voltage Labs designs and sells Open Source Hardware for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and easy to solder kits.

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  1. Dr Robert W. Bower
    Dr Robert W. Bower says:

    [ed. background on one of the folks who made it to the talk… Dr Robert Bower]
    CEO and President, Device Concept Inc.
    Professor Emeritus, University of California
    Member Strategy Advisory Board EPIR Technologies
    Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Physics Dept. Queens University, Belfast
    Member of the National Inventors Hall of Fame
    Recipient of the Ronald H. Brown, American Innovators Award
    Member of the National Academy of Engineering and National Research Council
    Life Fellow of the IEEE
    Fellow American Physical Society
    Recipient of the California Institute of Technology Distinguished Alumni Award
    Recipient of the Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung
    Member Hall of Scientists and Inventors
    Scientific Member: Boehmische Physical Society
    Member Semiconductor Hall of Fame
    Member: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, American Association for the Advancement of Science.


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