Basic Power Tool Safety Class–4th Wednesday

Free to members.

Based on a curriculum developed by the Power Tool Institute. After this class you should be proficient in using the basic shop tools at Maui Makers. Space is limited, so reserve a spot by emailing

I know that some of you are already proficient, but we still need you to learn about our shop rules and demonstrate proficiency. And this is the easiest way to do this. You get to watch a movie and hang with Pete. Pete knows how to break things…I mean really break things…in fact he made a career out of it…You want to meet Pete.

Raspberry Pi Special Interest Group

Have you heard about Raspberry Pi, the inexpensive computer for under $25-45 dollars?

If you have a Pi, or are just wondering what all the excitement is about, join us the 4th Tuesday of Every Month for a Special Interest Group.

Here’s a fun link showing what people have done with their Pi’s:

Fourth Tuesday of Every Month.

Strawbees Build Night May 30 at 5 PM

Join us at Outback in Kihei  this Saturday for food, fun and building.

Please RSVP to by noon on the 30th so we can get a head count.

Instructables has given Maui Makers an awesome set of Strawbees to play with.

Strawbees are clever connectors that let you construct just about anything from ordinary drinking straws.

The kids had a blast with them, making umbrellas, rockets, hats and geodesic domes. Now it’s the adults turn…

You can even build things that fly:

Maui Makers at Honolulu Maker Faire

Maui Makers manned a booth at the Honolulu Mini Maker Faire–over 1025 people in attendance. The action was non-stop and our booth was a great hit.


As usual we overachieved:

  • Practical 3D printing to make useful parts, as well as just for fun…
  • Magnetic braking
  • Resin Jewelery
  • Fun with LEDs
  • Wearables
  • Fun with Magentism and Motors

And the stars of the show:

  • Letting kids draw with the 3Doodler pen; and
  • Gocupi–the open source robot that draws on windows and whiteboards

Look for the videos on Maui Makers youtube channel:

Public Meeting Thur Jun 4 2015

Our Monthly Public Meeting will be held on Thursday Jun 4, 2015 at the makerspace 6-9pm.

Come on down for talk story, tours, and find out what is up. We are approaching our corporate year end and that means the Officers (President, Treasurer, Secretary) and some Board of Directors positions are going to be open.  Some people may chose to stand for re-election but if you are interested in ANY of these – especially board member or Secretary – please speak up!