Intel-Instructables IoT Contest: Enviro-Ag Kit

Maui Makers has been selected to participate in the Instructables​/Intel Internet Of Things (IoT) Edison competition. We are being sent the Environmental and Agricultural Kit and will have until (DATE TBD) to complete documentation (an instructable) on the project(s) we build.
We need some members to step up and help on this. I will be off island for most of September, but we have August to get things going.

UPDATE: we talked about the project at 6 Aug public meeting and have created A BLOG PAGE to support the project. (


This page gives the basic details :
This is the instructables post that gives details on the kit etc:

Intel-Instructables Internet Of Things Environmental-Agricultural Kit

Intel-Instructables Internet Of Things Environmental-Agricultural Kit

Environmental & Agriculture
This kit is designed with agriculture in mind. The 7 sensors in this kit can help you determine light, UV and dust in the environment and based on that information one could rinse a plant off with the water pump and/or water the plant and not waste any water because a flow sensor is included. There is an LED bar for visual output and a dry reed relay to turn things on and off.

Included in this Kit:

Devices included in the Environment Kit

Devices included in the Environment Kit

Be a Prize-Winner! We Need Your help!

Makerspace Contest Summer 2015 is having a Makerspace contest, and we need your help!

They are giving away $30,000 in prizes (click/tap the link for full details).

Two of our four submissions were already featured as of 7/6/2015.   Let’s keep this up!

It’s easy to write an instructable! Just document something you’re making.  It doesn’t have to be complex. It can be a few steps or many.  I can be a variation on something already done.  Let your imagination flow!  If you had a reason to make something, let someone else benefit from your experience.

Visit the contest page to see the instructions and use the links there to submit your instructable.

Contact us if you need help with creating or submitting your instructable or are stuck and need ideas.

Remember, we have to do this by the end of August!!