Maui Makers at Maui’s Science Carnival

Join us at the Science Carnival Aug 15 from 9 to 4. We’ll have a booth showcasing why Makers Matter, and helping another local non-profit (Maui Science Center) raise funds. While our missions are different, we share a common interest in advancing science and technology, with Makers focused on teaching and empowering everyone to harness technology to make their lives better.


While we don’t share the proceeds from this fundraiser, we do have our own fundraiser coming up. Watch our social media and website for an announcement of our fun, hands on fundraiser in October. The Boeing Company has given us a grant to kickstart our Menehune Makers program targeted to kids (of all ages).


If you have some projects to showcase at either event, drop us an email at or reply to this post.


If you’re interested in helping us man the booth Saturday, or helping us showcase the awesomeness that is Maui’s Makerspace, let us know. Things are getting exciting at Maui Makers!

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