Science Carnival a Success!

Maui Makers participated in the Science Carnival this Saturday to benefit the Maui Science Center. There was great turn-out of all ages, not just at the overall event, but even at our corner of one of the tents. There was a constant flow, never a slow moment! The Gravity Well was a huge draw for the kids; the marbles never stopped rolling. There was immense interest in the 3-D printing and the various samples. The 3-D pens were a hit. It was wonderful to watch the surprised and delighted smiles on the faces of kids and adults alike as they experienced the mysteries of the magnets with our latest interactive displays. We had a lot of sign-ups for general info as well as classes.  We got great exposure (even the mayor was interested in our work)! Because of this event, we surely will see some new faces at Maui Makers!

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