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This is an exciting time for Maui Makers. Not only does the breadth and depth of our membership continue to grow, but we also have secured access to 1500 sq ft in a 3000 sq ft warehouse. This will allow us to provide the Maui community with a better quality of services.

This is a Brand New Warehouse in pristine condition and we will be the very first occupants. We’re just working through final details on getting the electrical installed and inspected by the County. We are targeting a soft opening in mid-to-late September, followed by a Grand Opening after we work some of the kinks out.

This space will offer the following:

  • 3D Printers
  • Electronics Assembly and Testing Area
  • Common Area
  • Taig CNC mill
  • Woodshop including: saws, planer, joiner, drill press, belt sander and mini mill
  • Metal working station including: welding, cutters, grinders, saws, drill press and lathe
  • Air tools
  • Portable power tools
  • General hand tools
  • Measurement tools
  • Work benches

More photos:


Getting Things Ready


Bright Shiny New Floor Being Sealed

Watch for exciting changes over the next month. As a membership-supported, all volunteer community organization we are still working to keep our services affordable to the community. A big Mahalo to all the volunteers who are helping us get this space in shape.

If you’d like to volunteer, contact We can use all types of skills–even non-technical skills like organization, grant writing, etc. Or if you’d prefer to give us a tax deductible donation, click below:

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