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Kiawe Pod Flour Workshop

Come learn from people on the cutting edge of the sustainable food movement. Learn how they are utilizing a nutritional and sustainable food source found all over Maui island and the State of Hawaii. Learn how kiawe tree pods can be harvested and ground into a flour with amazing health promoting properties: a highly nutritious […]

Learn About 3D Manufacturing Technology: Design, Printing, e-Nable Prosthetics

Tuesday 6:00pm-8:30pm 3D Printing is a fantastic technology that lets you create parts at low cost form 3d-design files. Maui Makers has several 3D Printers in house (our own and on loan from members). The group has a couple of focuses: Introducing all skill levels to the power of 3D Printing. Printing e-Nable hands for those in […]

Nation of Makers

It’s really an exciting time for Maui Makers. Not only has Maui Makers opened up a brand new space on Maui!!! we’ve also been working with Maker and Hacker Spaces across the nation to share ideas, expertise answer resources. We are excited to announce a formal umbrella to facilitate this resource sharing through anext organization […]