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Nation of Makers

It’s really an exciting time for Maui Makers. Not only has Maui Makers opened up a brand new space on Maui!!! we’ve also been working with Maker and Hacker Spaces across the nation to share ideas, expertise answer resources. We are excited to announce a formal umbrella to facilitate this resource sharing through anext organization […]


We’ve finished the electric and are working through getting the meter installed and final inspections. We can’t give an exact date, but are expecting it will be soon. We’ll have a post within the next couple of days discussing what to expect in the new space. In the meantime, start planning your projects. What will […]

We Passed Electrical Inspection Part 1!

We passed our first inspection on the Electrical work. This was the most challenging part of the process, with laying in the conduit and the high work installing the light fixtures. The rest should go much more quickly. Our electrician still needs to wire in the outlets and get the meter installed. We are working […]

Space Status

We are officially out of the old location. Unfortunately the electrical permit process and work has taken longer than we expected. All the conduits are complete, but without wiring and meters, we can’t do much, even if we wanted to. What must be done: 1. Finish Electric 2. MECO installs meter. 3. County electrical inspection. […]