Introduction to Programming (with Arduino) class 26Jan2017

Want an easy entry to Programming? Want to learn how computers sense and interact with the world? Come on down to Maui Makers on Thursday 26 Jan 2017  6-9pm for our Introduction to Programming (using Arduino) class. We will teach you how to code, and how to make these little microcontrollers interact with the world.

Bring your laptop, and please try to download the software before class from . It is free, but takes a bit of time to download. Better to have it already on your box. We do not have computers for students (donations welcome!)

Class will be free to members and folks new to Maui Makers. After the first meeting, we ask a $10 donation or join up ($60/mo) and get access to rest of our workshop (3d printing, wood/metal equipment, etc.) Middle school youth up through retirees. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult – come make it a family outing!

(362 Pakana St, Wailuku, HI 96793-8362, United States;  last 2bays on last building on the right. its not on google street view yet and there is little signage, yet.)

Arduino Compatible ProtoSnap ProMini

Arduino Compatible ProtoSnap ProMini

Space is closed for the Holidays

Santa’s factory is now closed, and the elfs will be going home to their families.

The Space is closed for the Holidays*. Enjoy time with your families and see you next year.

*closed Dec 24-25 and Dec 31-Jan 1

Merry Maker Christmas

Whatever you call the holiday season, enjoy the time with your families.

Happy making and support your local Makerspace!

Nation of Makers

It’s really an exciting time for Maui Makers. Not only has Maui Makers opened up a brand new space on Maui!!! we’ve also been working with Maker and Hacker Spaces across the nation to share ideas, expertise answer resources.

We are excited to announce a formal umbrella to facilitate this resource sharing through anext organization called Nation of Makers. This group has grown out of a loose collective of Makerspaces talking and sharing ideas, which has already been helpful in providing advice, expertise and encouragement during Maui Makers’s recent growth phase.

We look forward to working with the Nation of Makers to provide more Maker resources in Maui.

You can find out more about Nation of Makers here. And our letter of support here.


Exciting News…we are open

Thank you for your patience.

We are back, and better than ever. the County gave us our final signature today.

Watch the calendar for events and open hours. And most important, come join us at the space.



Soft opening Oct 29-30 from noon to 5 pm (tentative)

We are in the final stretch. We expect our electrical meter to be installed this week. There are a few other administrative details to take care of, but we look to be on track to get those sorted out.

If we can’t have the soft opening, we will still be conducting tours and orientation.

What to expect in the new space:

It is a huge improvement over any space we’ve had exclusive access to. The building and fixtures are brand new. It also gives folks room to make, without tripping over each other. We think you’ll like it.

The building is a 3000 sq ft warehouse shell. About 1/2 of it is shared with a for-profit business that shares the makers ethos.

To get in as quickly as possible and keep costs low, we haven’t built out any internal structures. We will have tool areas, workbenches, and a community area. For anyone wanting dedicated space for storage or build out of projects large or small, we have a limited area available to advanced members at an additional fee.

This is a large growth spurt for us, so we will be tweaking the numbers to get ourselves to a sustainable funding level. Our aim is to keep memberships accessible to anyone, but the realities of rent on Maui make this challenging. If we need to raise dues, members who are current annual members will be grandfathered in.

Id also like to take a moment to remind everyone that we are an all volunteer organization. Were going to ask everyone who is a member to spend an hour or two a month, helping with some of the essential chores, that will keep things in good shape. This will allow us to keep dues as low as possible. We don’t have paid staff–we’d like to keep it that way.

Since we don’t have any walls (yet) to block sound or dust, we will have regularly scheduled noisy times and quiet times.

We will post updates as this firms up.

We still plan to offer 24/7 access to qualified, advanced members, but still need to secure funds to upgrade the lock system before we can get there.

And in other news, it looks like some exciting things will be happening on the national maker front. Connections across spaces are starting to solidify, which we hope will lead to more opportunities for everyone to make awesome things.




We’ve finished the electric and are working through getting the meter installed and final inspections. We can’t give an exact date, but are expecting it will be soon.

We’ll have a post within the next couple of days discussing what to expect in the new space.

In the meantime, start planning your projects.

What will you make?

To celebrate, we are planning a group project to build a trebuchet, and water balloon launchers…for the kids.

Space Update

We hoped to be open by now, but still installing the electrical. Our electrician expects to get it done before Thursday. Just need to finish wiring in the electrical panel and the safety lighting.

As soon as we get the electric turned on, we will have our soft opening.

We are planning an all ages build to celebrate. Watch this space for more details.


Calling creative makers

How are things coming?

We are almost finished installing the Electric. A few parts on order, but hopefully those get here Monday. If all goes well, we should get the last inspection within the next week. We don’t think it will take very long after that to get the electric turned on.

When will you be open?

Once that happens, we will be open for business. Right now we are hoping for 1st week of October,  fingers crossed.

What does the space look like?

We have most of the functionality worked out, but want the space to have a welcoming and creative feel, and let our membership make the space their own. We have blank walls, plenty of high ceiling, and tape on the floor marking what goes where. We also have some interesting recycled materials that are up for grabs, but either need to find a use, or ride into the sunset. Come unleash your creativity.

To maximize use of space, we aim to keep things modular. Most heavy tools will be moveable using a pallet jacket. This allows rapid reconfiguration to meet needs.

What toys will you have?

  • Small welding/metal forming
  • Large woodworking area, and a large supply of high quality pallet lumber
  • Common area with workbenches, and room to work
  • 3D printing
  • 3-axis Taig CNC
  • Shapeoko
  • Soldering, electronics test equipment TBD
  • Vinyl cutter
  • Sewing machines
  • and more

What times are you open?

For the moment, expect us to resume our Sat/Sun noon to 5 pm, as well as Tuesday Menehune, Wednesday 3D Printing, and Thursday Microelectronics  (aka Arduino).

Where are you?

362 Pakana, off of Waiko Rd.

What about a Grand Opening?

We want to get our members making again. Expect a Grand Opening about 2 months after we have our soft opening. Any event organizers want to help?

We Passed Electrical Inspection Part 1!

We passed our first inspection on the Electrical work.

This was the most challenging part of the process, with laying in the conduit and the high work installing the light fixtures.

The rest should go much more quickly. Our electrician still needs to wire in the outlets and get the meter installed.

We are working our tails off to get to a 1-October opening (fingers crossed). Without electric, theres not a lot we can do. We hope for no later than 15-October.

After that, we’ll schedule a Grand Opening!!!

Anyone want to help organize a Grand Opening?