We’ve finished the electric and are working through getting the meter installed and final inspections. We can’t give an exact date, but are expecting it will be soon.

We’ll have a post within the next couple of days discussing what to expect in the new space.

In the meantime, start planning your projects.

What will you make?

To celebrate, we are planning a group project to build a trebuchet, and water balloon launchers…for the kids.

Space Update

We hoped to be open by now, but still installing the electrical. Our electrician expects to get it done before Thursday. Just need to finish wiring in the electrical panel and the safety lighting.

As soon as we get the electric turned on, we will have our soft opening.

We are planning an all ages build to celebrate. Watch this space for more details.


Calling creative makers

How are things coming?

We are almost finished installing the Electric. A few parts on order, but hopefully those get here Monday. If all goes well, we should get the last inspection within the next week. We don’t think it will take very long after that to get the electric turned on.

When will you be open?

Once that happens, we will be open for business. Right now we are hoping for 1st week of October,  fingers crossed.

What does the space look like?

We have most of the functionality worked out, but want the space to have a welcoming and creative feel, and let our membership make the space their own. We have blank walls, plenty of high ceiling, and tape on the floor marking what goes where. We also have some interesting recycled materials that are up for grabs, but either need to find a use, or ride into the sunset. Come unleash your creativity.

To maximize use of space, we aim to keep things modular. Most heavy tools will be moveable using a pallet jacket. This allows rapid reconfiguration to meet needs.

What toys will you have?

  • Small welding/metal forming
  • Large woodworking area, and a large supply of high quality pallet lumber
  • Common area with workbenches, and room to work
  • 3D printing
  • 3-axis Taig CNC
  • Shapeoko
  • Soldering, electronics test equipment TBD
  • Vinyl cutter
  • Sewing machines
  • and more

What times are you open?

For the moment, expect us to resume our Sat/Sun noon to 5 pm, as well as Tuesday Menehune, Wednesday 3D Printing, and Thursday Microelectronics  (aka Arduino).

Where are you?

362 Pakana, off of Waiko Rd.

What about a Grand Opening?

We want to get our members making again. Expect a Grand Opening about 2 months after we have our soft opening. Any event organizers want to help?

We Passed Electrical Inspection Part 1!

We passed our first inspection on the Electrical work.

This was the most challenging part of the process, with laying in the conduit and the high work installing the light fixtures.

The rest should go much more quickly. Our electrician still needs to wire in the outlets and get the meter installed.

We are working our tails off to get to a 1-October opening (fingers crossed). Without electric, theres not a lot we can do. We hope for no later than 15-October.

After that, we’ll schedule a Grand Opening!!!

Anyone want to help organize a Grand Opening?

Space Status

We are officially out of the old location.

Unfortunately the electrical permit process and work has taken longer than we expected. All the conduits are complete, but without wiring and meters, we can’t do much, even if we wanted to.

What must be done:

1. Finish Electric

2. MECO installs meter.

3. County electrical inspection.

4. County issues occupancy permit.

We are targeting a soft opening between 1 Oct and 15 Oct, but the only time line under our direct control is finishing the electrical.

In the meantime, our volunteer members will be setting up the workstations and equipment, and decorating the space. Please check out our calendar hereEvents Calendar and pitch in if you can.

The warehouse is 3000 sq ft, but a commercial CNC occupies about half the space. We think this will be a good fit for Maui Makers.


Pardon Our Dust

This is an exciting time for Maui Makers. Not only does the breadth and depth of our membership continue to grow, but we also have secured access to 1500 sq ft in a 3000 sq ft warehouse. This will allow us to provide the Maui community with a better quality of services.

This is a Brand New Warehouse in pristine condition and we will be the very first occupants. We’re just working through final details on getting the electrical installed and inspected by the County. We are targeting a soft opening in mid-to-late September, followed by a Grand Opening after we work some of the kinks out.

This space will offer the following:

  • 3D Printers
  • Electronics Assembly and Testing Area
  • Common Area
  • Taig CNC mill
  • Woodshop including: saws, planer, joiner, drill press, belt sander and mini mill
  • Metal working station including: welding, cutters, grinders, saws, drill press and lathe
  • Air tools
  • Portable power tools
  • General hand tools
  • Measurement tools
  • Work benches

More photos:


Getting Things Ready


Bright Shiny New Floor Being Sealed

Watch for exciting changes over the next month. As a membership-supported, all volunteer community organization we are still working to keep our services affordable to the community. A big Mahalo to all the volunteers who are helping us get this space in shape.

If you’d like to volunteer, contact We can use all types of skills–even non-technical skills like organization, grant writing, etc. Or if you’d prefer to give us a tax deductible donation, click below:

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BIG NEWS: We will be moving into a bigger better space

Stay tuned for details.

Exciting news! Maui Makers has secured a brand new space in Central Maui, near Maui Tropical Plantation.

If you want to get an early look at the space, please come help us make the space ready. We hope to be ready to open Labor Day weekend, so there is a bit of prep work to do.

We want the space to look spiffy, so please join us for painting the drywall wall, as well as cleaning and sealing the new concrete floor.

Items needed:
*a wringer mop bucket
* paint poles, paint trays, and rollers
* paint stirrer attachment for an electric drill (5 Gal size)

For liability purposes, this event is limited to current Maui Makers Members and their family members 16 years and older. A new liability release form need to be signed–got to keep the lawyers happy.

Fri, Sat, Sun from 10 AM till 6 PM.

Note the building does not yet have power installed. Keep this in mind if you bring snacks and refreshments.

The Waiehu Beach space will be closed Sat July 30 and Sun July 31.We

Email for additional info.

Electronics and Programming–Learn About Arduino!

You can learn Arduino one of two ways:

  1. Come to the Arduino Special Interest Group on Thursdays, click here for more info, and do a self-paced study course over several weeks. We can provide you with all the items you need, coaching, patience and assistancel.
  2. Email us at email and let us know that you’re interested. We will set up a special, focused beginner-friendly session to get you on your way quickly.

What is an Arduino?

Arduinos are a low cost, easy to use family of microcontrollers.  Want to learn about the basic use of Arduino computers?

Free to paid members. $10.00 for non-members. First time is FREE.

Menehune Makers–for Young Makers (K-2nd grade)

2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 5:00pm-6:30pm

A different theme each week.

This is our special program for children. Events will vary, but the primary focus will be on the Art of Tinkering, which encourages learning through exploration of ordinary objects and re-using them in interesting and creative ways.

This week we will be experimenting with Gears! Gears! Gears!

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian, who will be encouraged to explore with their child(ren).

Free to members, otherwise $10.00 per person.

3D Printing and Prosthetics Special Interest Group

Wednesday 5:30pm-7:00pm

3D Printing is a fantastic technology that lets you create parts at low cost form 3d-design files. Maui Makers has several 3D Printers in house (our own and on loan from members).

The group has a couple of focuses:

  1. Introducing all skill levels to the power of 3D Printing.
  2. Printing e-Nable hands for those in need on Maui. These low cost prosthetics are a great way to understand the power of 3D printing. Come on down to the makerspace and help out!
  3. Learning Fusion 360 so we can customize designs for the hands (and personal projects). Fusion 360 has a rather steep learning curve, but is very powerful. Learning in a group eases the frustration.

Free to paid members, $10.00 for non-members. First time is Free.