Arduino Day Hackathon–Saturday March 28


March 28 is Arduino Day.

10:30-2:30 Hackathon

To celebrate, come by the space (200 Waiehu Beach Rd) with ideas and projects for individual or group Hackathon.

For more info, please contact

Note: we have rent, wifi, utilities and other bills to pay, so have now instituted a paid membership structure. See

Non-members are welcome to attend.

If you like what we’re doing, but not ready for a full commitment, please consider making donations. That will keep us going until you’re in a better position to commit.


Arduino Workshop–Updated Now on Thursday nights

Arduino group has settled on Thursday night as Arduino Night. Except for the first Thursday (reserved for public meeting).

Learn all about Arduino in a series of classes by Bob and Dee Conlon.


6:00 set up

6:30-8:00 class time

8:00-9:00 extra help and project work


  • Laptop
  • Arduino
  • electronic components


If you don’t already have an Arduino, don’t panic. Arduino Uno’s and parts will be available for purchase.

This Basic class is Free to Friends, Basic and Full Members. To become a member, go to our Membership page here:

Note 1: we only have the classroom and the shop open at this time, so during the class we ask for your consideration in giving the students and teachers quiet and space necessary during class time. The shop will be open, but prolonged use of noisy equipment would not be appropriate during the instruction time.

Note 2: we love enthusiastic youth and encourage family participation. However, the legalities of insurance policies require releases of liability signed by adults, and frown on unattended children. Furthermore, we find great value in creating communities of learning, and find that family experiences are better for all concerned. That being said, we understand the reality of making ends meet. If you need special arrangements, please contact 1 week ahead of the event.

Maui Makers is Open for Business

Eat your heart out Ikea. Table folds down for painting and other “messy” work. Folds up and out of the way the rest of the time.

Got workbenches installed in the electronics shop. Thanks Pete and Cole!


20150301_152151 20150301_124029

The space is shaping up nicely. Watch for the Grand Opening soon.

In the meantime, we are open every Sat and Sun from noon to 5 PM. Drop on by.

We have Basic Arduino every Wednesday from 6 to 9 PM.

We’ll have activities every Thursday. We’ll continue to work on the Forge, build Gameboys from Raspberry Pi, print using the 3D printer, experiment with electrolysis, build robots, and just plain Have Fun Making Stuff in Paradise!

And don’t forget Pi Day: March-14. We’ll be having a special celebration. In honor of Pi, we will open the space at 9:27 AM, and will feature contests and events around all things Pi.

If you like the idea of a Makerspace in Paradise, please support us by becoming a member or donating at the links on the website.

Update on the Makerspace

Maui Makers continues our build out. Things are coming along nicely. The picture shows the electrical run in the tool room. It will allow for flexible set up and configuration for optimum use of space.

Pete and Wayne have been doing the bulk of the work this last week, with assistance from others.

The team will be hitting things pretty hard Tuesday night at 5 pm at 200 Waiehu Beach Rd in the old Y Hata Building. Some folks may know it under its new name of Da Warehouse.

The focus has been on 2 of the main rooms: the Conference/Class Room and the Tool/Workbench Room. We will start on the side room once the property manager fixes an issue in that area.

The classroom has a sink area, cabinets, a whiteboard and a projector screen set up. Pete was building and painting shelves last I talked to him.

About half of the electric conduit has been run. Wayne should have most of the conduit run tomorrow and be ready to pull wires on Wednesday.


Membership: 10 new members this month. We are halfway there!

Grants: We have submitted four grants to pay for equipment and tools. Fingers crossed.

Classes: Arduino Workshop is coming back this Friday, and we’ll acquire some fundamental skills necessary for computer control of machines, while making some valentines.

Upcoming in December

Rocket Workshop this last Saturday was a Blast! See the Facebook page for more photos.

Several events are planned for December.

Hopefully we can close the deal on our lease and have special Make a MakerSpace meetings. Stay tuned.

Arduino Workshop Fridays continue from 6-9 PM every Friday–location TBD so email for info. Kids Wearable Workshops are also possible–email

4-Dec-2014, 6-9 PM at St Anthony Jr-Sr High School in Maryknoll Hall, Rm 21
Public Meeting (Free)
Come down and talk story. Bring items or ideas for show and tell. Meet collaborators for projects. Help us design Maui’s Makerspace. We’ll have a wind tunnel for the young ones, and a short discussion/demo on basic soldering skills by Jerry Isdale.

11-Dec-2014, 6-9 PM at St Anthony Jr-Sr High School in Maryknoll Hall, Rm 21
Learn to Solder
by Jerry Isdale ($5.00 for non-members/free for members; suggested material fee: $1.00; a few kits available for $5.00 each)
Space is limited, and will be on a first-come basis.

20-Dec-2014 (Tentative), 10-2 PM Location TBD
Rocketry Returns
by Cole Santos ($20.00 per family)
In stage one we will go over the basics of rockets and how they work and then construct rockets from straws and paper. Launching the rockets will be done using the scientific method to see how launch angle and thrust affect the distance flown. In stage two we will build and launch basic Estes rockets (weather permitting).

18-Dec-2014, 6-9 PM at St Anthony Jr-Sr High School in Maryknoll Hall, Rm 21
Tinkering: Build Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments
by Laura Ulibarri ($20.00 for non-members/$10.00 for members–includes materials to build 2 ornaments)
How would you like to make your very own Christmas Tree Ornament using whiz bang technology or your own creativity?
We’ll fire up the EggBot to let you print your very own personalized ornament. We’ll provide white ornaments for the eggbot and supplies for various kinds of ornaments.

Back By Popular Demand!!! Arduino Workshops

Fridays 6-9 PM, for information on location contact

Bob and Dee Conlon have generously volunteered to host an Arduino & Wearable Electronics Group at their home in Kihei, meeting Fridays from 6-9pm, starting 11/21. Meetings for now will be in place of the classes that are currently on hiatus. This group is not necessarily a class, but some instruction will take place. Suggested donation for non-members is $5.00.

What to bring (if you have them):
Arduinos, cables, parts & supplies
Projects for show & tell
Projects you want help with

For more information, contact us at:

Upcoming in November

Coming in November

We had some great classes in October and more to come in November!

Maui Makers is still working out the details of the November schedule, but expect to see Arduino, Wearables, 3D printing and more Tinkering. We will be meeting every Thursday at St Anthony and hope to add more dates shortly.

October highlights

Make Your Own Halloween Costume

Halloween Lorrayne
Halloween costume

Art of Tinkering-Scribble Bots and Marble Mazes

2014-10-23 20.32.00

2014-10-23 19.15.24

2014-10-23 19.03.02

2014-10-23 20.29.16

Business Matters

On the business and organizational side, Maui Makers has incorporated as a 501c3, and elected a Board of Directors and Officers. The Board has completed a Strategic Plan and a Preliminary Budget to take the Makerspace to the next level. In that light, you’ll be seeing a few changes in the near future:

A paying membership structure will be set up to help us pay the bills–electrons to keep you informed cost money. We are committed to keeping costs low, but will need your help in pushing to the next level with more tools, classes and a permanent space.

Members will get free or reduced cost access to classes.

We continue to explore space options. We have yet to secure affordable, unlimited access to a permanent home. If you have any leads in this area, please contact the Board at

Arduino Workshop July 18 2014 – at Island Sign

Laura Ulibarri is facilitating another Maui Makers Arduino Workshop on Friday July 18th (yeah just moding 11th) from 6-9pm. This time the event is being hosted at Doug Allan’s business location in Kahului. Doug is expanding upon his Island Sign business, to include “Maui Coworking at the same location. We are very pleased to be one of the first groups to utilize his new coworking space. (He also has a btchn nice flatbed CNC router)

Please bring your laptops, tablets and smartphones. Doug does not have machines to share at this time. This would be a good opportunity to setup your laptop (or desktop if you lug it down) for Arduino programming. It will be a BIG help if attendees can download the appropriate software for their machine (and the drivers, which may require a separate download). Please read the information at
You want to get Arduino 1.0.5 (as of July 2014).
The instructions on how to set it up for a particular OS (Windows, Mac, Linux) are linked from the Getting Started page


  • explore programming the Arduino using a windows/android tablet, cell phone, or any laptop
  • group projects: set up “arduino” controlled 3d printer for workshop use, LEDs, your favorite from the Brainstorming session.

The address is 355 Hukilike Street #117, Kahului, HI. This is in central Kahului business area. See the map below and look for the Island Sign sign. His place is on the right hand side towards the back.

View 355 Hukilike St #117 in a larger map

LED cube and motors – May 2014 arduino class

Another resounding success with the Maui Makers Arduino Workshop. Repeat attendees, with 3 newbies–Brian and Ben (Sr) & Ben (Jr).

Dee brought the e-textile quilt she’s working on, and Bob showed off his newest Smart Home contraption.

Dee's awesome quilt under construction

Dee’s awesome quilt under construction

The group spent some time ogling the new equipment rolling in–more on that in a separate post. Then the group got the newbies up to speed and controlling motors with the Arduinos. Brian exclaimed, Wow, this is a lot more hands on than I expected! What a great way to start the weekend.

The high school students are quickly approaching ninja-level soldering masters, with the first layer of the LED cube complete.

Planning for the 4x4x4 LED cube build

Planning for the 4x4x4 LED cube build

The Doctor is In--soldering the cube

The Doctor is In–soldering the cube

4x4x4 LED cube first layer complete

4x4x4 LED cube first layer complete

Arduino Workshop 05-23-2014

Pics from Friday’s workshop. Awesome Turnout. 


James showed off the sun tracker he made during #swmaui using skills from the first couple of workshops.


The high school students prepped for their big LED build by learning to solder. One of them made a snail from scrap parts.


Newcomer Bob, aka Arduino Master, showed us his smart house and his wife, Dee, showed us her wearable brooch.


We completed the PWM exercise, and welcomed 2 new students–one of them had his text to speech module saying “Welcome to #mauimakers” after a quick tutorial.