Pi Day at Maui’s Makerspace

Pi day at the Makerspace was great fun.


Good turnout and some new faces.


Jonelle Davis’s homemade raspberry pi took the prize.


We calculated pi empirically using nails (see photo). Good example of how sample size affects the results. We started out at 3.67, 2.83 and ended the day at 3.2.


Many Raspberry Pi demos (courtesy of Bob Conlon), with both the old and new version. I must say, the Raspberry Pi 2 is an impressive machine. Anyone want to lead an interest group?

The kids went home with raspberry pi stickers and 3d printed bracelets.

Pi Day 3-14-15, 9:27 am

Celebrate all things pi (and raspberry) with Maui Makers


Doors open promptly at 9:27–it’s a Pi thing…


9:27 am

See the amazing Raspberry Pi open source computer in action. If you have a Raspberry Pi project you’re working on, bring it by and brag on it or get advice from other Pi proponents. If you’re new to Pi, come see what the excitement about this $35.00 open source computer us all about.


11:00 am

Pi(e) contest – Make an awesome pi(e)? Then make one to share! $10.00 entry fee. Vote for your favorite.  Winner takes home $25.00 prize, with proceeds to go towards Pi-related equipment for Maui Makers to start a Pi interest group.



Pizza Pi(e) – join us for pizza pie. $2.00/slice, soda and bottled water $1.00 each. All proceeds to go towards Pi-related equipment for Maui Makers to start a Pi interest group.

Maui Makers is Open for Business

Eat your heart out Ikea. Table folds down for painting and other “messy” work. Folds up and out of the way the rest of the time.

Got workbenches installed in the electronics shop. Thanks Pete and Cole!


20150301_152151 20150301_124029

The space is shaping up nicely. Watch for the Grand Opening soon.

In the meantime, we are open every Sat and Sun from noon to 5 PM. Drop on by.

We have Basic Arduino every Wednesday from 6 to 9 PM.

We’ll have activities every Thursday. We’ll continue to work on the Forge, build Gameboys from Raspberry Pi, print using the 3D printer, experiment with electrolysis, build robots, and just plain Have Fun Making Stuff in Paradise!

And don’t forget Pi Day: March-14. We’ll be having a special celebration. In honor of Pi, we will open the space at 9:27 AM, and will feature contests and events around all things Pi.

If you like the idea of a Makerspace in Paradise, please support us by becoming a member or donating at the links on the website.