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Paper Filigree/Quilling Classes – 3 sessions

Three Saturday Mornings: Nov 14, 21, 28, 10:00a.m. – Noon

our very own Rob Bartlett is a master of turning paper into wonderful and exquisite art. He will be teaching us how to do the same!

He will introduce students to the zen art of quilling, also known as paper filigree – the coiling of paper in intricate designs. This art form, now enjoying a huge comeback, was supposedly used by ancient Egyptians, and throughout the ages. Modern tools and papers take this art to the next level. This class will cover the basic shapes and provide the students with the skills, tools, and materials needed to create 3 increasingly complex patterns designed by the instructor.

For more details, see our Our upcoming events page.

So we can plan appropriately, please register at Meet Up.

Special Event–Calling All Audiophiles

Thursday, November 12, 2015 at Maui Makers 6 to 9 PM

200 Waiehu Beach Rd, Upstairs

Steve Griffin from Boeing has offered to preview his class on using the SigmaDSP board.

This class has several interesting aspects:

A group tutorial setting up a noise canceling system to eliminate background noise. This is similar to the system used in expensive noise canceling headphones. It can also be used to reduce noise in building ventilation systems.

The Sigma DSP board here. This cute little board is specially built for audio processing and can be used to optimize your soundscape and compensate for noise or limitations of your equipment and environment.

A tutorial on Sigma Studio, a graphical programming environment that is used to program this board. It can also be used to program SHARC processors.

This Week at Maui Makers October 4 2015

Maui County Fair

We had a lot of fun at the Fair, spreading the word about Maui Makers. One highlight for me in particular was a young girl who got really excited about what you can make with a 3D printer. Since the organizers were kind enough to put us in the very back of a 60×60 foot tent (I really don’t know what they were thinking), we made good use of the extra space by bringing out the ever popular marble roller, wind tunnel and vortex cannons. If they’d just told us what they were up to ahead of time, we could have had our own Maker Fair. A big Mahalo to all our volunteers. Tip of the hat to Boeing’s Maui Site who sponsored our booth.

Barnes and Noble sponsoring a Maker Faire at their store Nov 6-8

Speaking of Maker Faires…Barnes and Noble showed up to chat about the nationwide Maker Faire they’ll be sponsoring in November. It looks like they plan to start carrying some cool toys that might appeal to some of the younger makers. Well, actually the adults did have fun playing with the toys, too.

3D Printing

On the 3D printing front, we showed off our first working prototype of the prosthetic eNABLE hand, and have the Hulk Hand (it’s all green) printed and partially assembled. Join us on Wednesday from 4:30 to 6 PM if you want to help out. We also got some pretty nice 3D pens in. I must admit that these are my favorite of all the ones I’ve tried and a great price. If you agree, you can buy one to take home with you. I’ve been having a lot of fun decorating Halloween masks. I can guarantee you my costume will be one of a kind this year.


The ever popular Arduino class continues on Thursday from 6 to 9 PM. I’ve heard that Bob will be breaking out some of the advanced sensors, so should be a lot of fun for newcomers and experts alike.

Halloween Fun for Artisans and Crafters

And speaking of Halloween, join our Artisans and Crafters Group every Sat at 10 AM for some..ahem…”witch craftery” with a special Halloween theme. And if that isn’t enough Halloween for you, we’ll have the space ready to help you “bling out” your costume during open hours on Saturday, October 24. If you really like to procrastinate, we do have open hours on Halloween.

New events and classes

Menehune Makers (our kid’s program) kicks off this Wednesday at 3 PM, with some playful tinkering with LEDs. Suitable for anyone over 3 that can remain focused and engaged. Note that this is not a drop off program. We encourage parents to learn and enjoy fun activities with their kids.

Lights and Magic with wearable electronics will meet every Tuesday from 6 to 8:30 pm.

Out and About in the Community

Jerry Isdale will be teaching at the UHMC STEAM Maker Camp this week. I believe that Arduino and TinkerCAD are on the menu. [JI: Buck Joiner will be helping out on Monday/Tuesday. We’ll be doing paper circuits and arduinos. Cole Santos will be doing TinkerCAD Wednesday/Thursday. ]

The high school students working on the Internet of Things continue to make good progress.

One of our UHMC interns has made tremendous progress on getting the Gocupi drawing robot running like a champ.

Open Meeting 1 October 2015

Having fun at the meeting. Talking with Barnes and Noble about their mini Maker Faire.

Checking out some cool toys.

Its not too late to join us at the Maui County Fair

Thanks to all the volunteers who are helping us promote Makers at the Maui County Fair.

The Fair runs 24th thru 28th September. We’ll be there all four days. We still have a few volunteer slots available, let us know if you can join us.

We’re starting to see a lot of activity at the space. Looking forward to taking Maui Makers to the next level.

Time is Running Out for Resin Jewelry Class!

11015753_10203750758344892_8386775814938410236_n Date: September 11 – 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Don’t miss out!  Using Little Windows Brilliant Resin is an easy introduction the art of jewelry making. Classes will cover the basic skills required to create a variety of jewelry pieces, including:

  • Resin Casting
  • Bezel Filling
  • Doming

Electronics people note! You can embed small electronics in resin to protect your creations from our Maui air. Be thinking of Halloween ideas – we are, and we’ll give you a sneak peek!

This is a special resin that has low odor, unlike what you may have seen (and smelled) before.

The class is $5 for non-members per class session – paid the day of the class. Members attend free. Join Now to benefit from the discount!

The kit is $50.00 – paid prior to first class. Space is limited! Buy your kit here! to guarantee you will have supplies for the class!

Location is at our makerspace at:

200 Waiehu Beach Rd (upstairs)
Wailuku, HI

If you have any questions, contact us at classes@mauimakers.com

Public Meeting Tonight

Don’t forget our monthly public meeting tonight at 6pm at our space.  Learn about our latest activities and see examples of (and sign up for) our upcoming classes.  August was a busy month for us, but September will be bigger.  Come and brag about your latest projects or just talk story and learn what cool things everyone is working on!

Public Meeting Thurs 6 August 2015

This week Thursday (6 Aug 2015) will be our monthly open public meeting 6-9pm at the makerspace (200 Waiehu Beach Rd, Wailuku HI see map in right sidebar). We have just passed our first year as a non-profit corporation and installed several new board members and officers. We have a number of activities going on this month including:

Come on down, meet the board/officers, other members, find out how you can participate in these projects or create new ones.

Be a Prize-Winner! We Need Your help!

Makerspace Contest Summer 2015

Instructables.com is having a Makerspace contest, and we need your help!

They are giving away $30,000 in prizes (click/tap the link for full details).

Two of our four submissions were already featured as of 7/6/2015.   Let’s keep this up!

It’s easy to write an instructable! Just document something you’re making.  It doesn’t have to be complex. It can be a few steps or many.  I can be a variation on something already done.  Let your imagination flow!  If you had a reason to make something, let someone else benefit from your experience.

Visit the contest page to see the instructions and use the links there to submit your instructable.

Contact us if you need help with creating or submitting your instructable or are stuck and need ideas.

Remember, we have to do this by the end of August!!

Strawbees Build Night May 30 at 5 PM

Join us at Outback in Kihei  this Saturday for food, fun and building.

Please RSVP to classes@mauimakers.com by noon on the 30th so we can get a head count.

Instructables has given Maui Makers an awesome set of Strawbees to play with.

Strawbees are clever connectors that let you construct just about anything from ordinary drinking straws.

The kids had a blast with them, making umbrellas, rockets, hats and geodesic domes. Now it’s the adults turn…

You can even build things that fly: