Maui Makers at Honolulu Maker Faire

Maui Makers manned a booth at the Honolulu Mini Maker Faire–over 1025 people in attendance. The action was non-stop and our booth was a great hit.


As usual we overachieved:

  • Practical 3D printing to make useful parts, as well as just for fun…
  • Magnetic braking
  • Resin Jewelery
  • Fun with LEDs
  • Wearables
  • Fun with Magentism and Motors

And the stars of the show:

  • Letting kids draw with the 3Doodler pen; and
  • Gocupi–the open source robot that draws on windows and whiteboards

Look for the videos on Maui Makers youtube channel:

MauiMakers segment on’s Self Made in Hawaii

Self Made in Hawaii” is a cable tv show on Hawaii’s OC16. The producer, Jess Craven, came to the last meeting of 2011 (Dec 29th) and filmed some interviews, builds, etc. He did a fantastic job of shooting and editing.  We are the first of three segments in the show now airing on  You can catch the full show on-line as a simulcast (Tues 5am, Wed 3pm, Thu 1030am, Sat 8pm, Sun 2am HST GMT-10). After a month or so on cable, the full show will be available on the web site. Jess has kindly edited our segment into an easily linked Vimeo upload for your immediate viewing pleasure….

Maui Makers from SelfMadeinHawaii on Vimeo.

Thank you Jess!! And to all the Makers who were interviewed, and/or just there hanging out!

Dale Dougherty: We are makers from TEDxMotorCity

Dale Dougherty, founder of Make magazine and organizer of Maker Faires, gave a talk at TEDxMotorCity.

“America was built by makers — curious, enthusiastic amateur inventors whose tinkering habit sparked whole new industries. At TED@MotorCity, MAKE magazine publisher Dale Dougherty says we’re all makers at heart, and shows cool new tools to tinker with, like Arduinos, affordable 3D printers, even DIY satellites.”

I encourage you to watch it all and share. There are many points mentioned throughout we can use when talking up our local Maker Spaces.

MechaniCards – Laser Cut Kinetic Art

Last fall Make’s blog had a story about Brad Litwin’s Mechanicards(tm). These are small hand operated kinetic sculptures that fit in a 5″ rectangular mailing envelope. They are available either completed or as a kit.

I was taken by the design and execution of these wonderful pieces of art.  The card are on the expensive side ($50-75 each completed), but the whimsical nature of these awesome moving art.  I ordered a full set of the kits.  They have been arriving over the last couple months. Unfortunately they have been stacking up in the To-Build piles, along with arduinos, LEDs and far too many projects.  I accumulated the highly specialized equipment required for assembly (tweezers, gap filling super glue, toothpicks, wax paper) and was finally ready to build the first kit (rotary engine) last week.

There were a couple hitches – the kit requires seven straight pins but these had been left out of my mine.  Fortunately my wife’s sewing kit was nearby and she let me have a few pins. There were a couple places where the instructions were not quite clear, but it was easy to figure out.  I emailed Brad and he replied quite quickly. The issues with instructions were known and being fixed.  I am very happy with this first MechaniCard and am looking forward to building the rest of the collection.

The primary material used for the cards is high quality illustration board. Brad works out the designs and then uses a laser cutter to cut the board.  I expect his work will be inspirational to other artists.  We have the tools to support making these when local artists want to try.

One local maker/artist who saw the cards thought it would be super awesome to build some kinetic sculpture like these as stage sets.  That sounds like a cool challenge.

GOOD interviews my friends at CrashSpace

CrashSpace is the maker space I helped start back in Los Angeles (ok Culver City) last year.  

GOOD magazine interviewed the people at CrashSpace and posted an article with this video:

Crash Space from GOOD: Edge of Progress on Vimeo.

Its impressive and inspirational. The Crashers have done a lot with a fairly small space that didn’t have any equipment when it opened last december/january. A small number of motivated people got together and a created an awesome community space. Crashspace blossomed from a coffee house meeting to an empty building in about 2.5 months. It took another 3-4 months to get enough paying members to cover expenses. Basic furnishings appeared as member (and friend) donations, along with an assortment of used electronics, books, etc. Members (like Justin Corwin) stepped up to host regular events. Justin has hosted Radio Mondays just about every monday since last december. Carlyn Maw started running the weekly member meetings on tuesday nights. After business and discussion of member projects, Carlyn leads members in the very popular ‘Take Apart Tuesday’ where they take apart one or more of the donated items to explore how it works, and explore how it might be repurposed. I started hosting local Makerbot owners on 3rd sunday of the month. Theron Throwbridge helped build the CrashSpace ‘bot in April and then took over hosting the monthly meeting. He has done a fantastic job. Michael Clive brought in his milling machine and lathe. Many other members contributed time, hosting and participating in events.

I hope we can do half as well with Maui Makers.

Vimby/Scion Hackerspace Challenge – CrashSpace videos live

This past summer Mitch AltmanVimby and Scion sponsored a challenge to 5 hackerspaces in the USA.  They were given $3000 grant, 3 weeks and asked to create something that:

1) repurposed a commercially made object
2) was interesting/fun/useful to the average person
3) referenced a commercially released movie

They have been slowly releasing videos in the series.  Today two clips covering CrashSpace went live.  The Crashers repurposed their store front building into an interactive art/music installation called Store Front Music:
CrashSpace Part 1

CrashSpace Part 2

I was there for the beginning and end of the project as a member. Unfortunately, I was only able to work on the project itself late one night on my way back from LAX and Maui.   It was a really cool project and I was impressed by what CrashSpace built (and what other spaces have done too).  One neat part of Store Front Music that didnt make the videos is the ‘easter egg’ – if you move properly across the sensors, it triggers playback of the theme from Close Encounters.   The video did show a bit of the unveiling party.  There were a couple couches and food platters set up on the sidewalk and we had a great time watching people walk by.  Sometimes they would walk around the chalk keyboard, other times straight thru.  Sometimes they would not really notice the music until they past the building, then look back.  A few people stopped and played with it a bit.  The kids were the best to watch.

The Vimby site is not all that well designed and it can be hard to find the videos.  The first episode gave an introduction to the challenge and the spaces. Next up, they covered NYC Resistor’s slotmachine drink maker (Video 1,  Video 2). Then they went to Chicago for Pumping Station One’s Tron Bicycle ice cream maker (Video 1, Video 2).

Next week will be the Artisans Asylum followed by The Transistor.  After that Mitch will pick “the winner” on one episode and then they will have one last episode showing the winning space (maybe going back out for more footage/reaction shots).

Makerbot Video from NYC Maker Faire 2010

The Makerbot folks were out in force at the Maker Faire NYC with their new Thing-O-Matic printer, frostruders, unicorn plotter and regular Cupcake bots (total around 20 bots!) all printing out and giving away sample printed objects (and snacks!).  Check out the video (about 5 min), and more at the Makerbot Blog.

Videos about Hackerspaces and FabLabs

I ran across a couple good videos on other hackerspaces and FabLabs recently and thought it would be good to collect a few of them them for reference.  It may take a while to watch em all so pace yourself.

Hackerspace Videos:

Good Basic Background on what is a hackerspace:

Bre Pretis interviewed about starting NYC Resistor:

Austrialian Hackerspace (Previously blogged here):

Tokyo Hackerspace Open House:

VIMBY on Chicago Pumping Station One

VIMBY on Hive 76 Philadelphia:

FabLab Videos:

The original 2006 TED talk by Neil Gershenfeld:

A Shift: a documentary on FabLab in The Netherlands

The Fab Lab at Lorain County Community College in Ohio

Fab Lab Manchester UK

2010 APMM Talk by Neil Greshfeld (4 parts)