Santa’s Workshop on Maui

Do you have a special gift or family heirloom item that you have been wanting to make? Maui Makers has some of Santa’s Elves available that are willing to enable you to make that happen this year and Santa is willing to loan you his Maui workshop as a place to make them in.

There will be a $20 charge for each of the working sessions. Come to as many as you like!

Our space is the best equipped member supported community workshop on Maui. We have about 2000 sq ft of tools and work benches. Our member volunteers (“Elves”) are well versed in creating projects with our tools and we will guide you. Checkout the list of our tools on our website: Maui Makers Shop Equipment

We will start with planning sessions on Saturday Nov.18 and Sunday Nov.19 from 12:30 to 430p.
Swing by for an hour or so, check out our space and run your idea past us to verify we can assist you and schedule your future work time.
Tuesday evening Nov.21 from 6:30 to 8:30 will be another planning time, if evenings are better for you.

Then you have a couple of weeks to gather your materials and finalize your design.

The actual work days will be in December. Saturday and Sunday afternoons and Tuesday and Thursday evenings, depending on what kind of tooling your project requires.

The Saturday afternoons in December will be set aside for noisy shop projects, although others will be able to use the Space as well, if they are able to cope with noise and dust.
The Sunday afternoons in December will be set aside for the quieter craft type projects, as well as the quieter shop activities like painting and glue-ups.
Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 in December will focus on 3D printing, and
Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30 will be set aside for electronic and micro-processor projects.

Each of the Sunday afternoons will have a different focus:

Dec.3 – EggBot Design and Bead Crafting

Dec.10 – Leather Working, Wood Burning and Wire Frame Soldering

Dec.17 – Electronics, Arduino, and colored LEDs and Lamp Making

During each of these designated work periods, we will have a number of “Elvish” expert mentors on hand to show you how to use the tools safely and to provide any assistance that you may be require.

To find out more information, please email us at “” or check out our website at “”.
For further details and to schedule your attendance call Pete, our education coordinator, at 815-482-5844 between the hours of 10am and 6pm (No texting to this number though please…)

You too could be Santa’s helper this year!

Get some ideas here

Shop and Tool Safety Classes

Every Sunday 3:00p.m. – 4:30p.m.

Wanna use the tools in our workshop with sharp pointies? We just need to make sure you understand how to keep yourself and others safe.

We have a safety and basic use program that has you covered. Subject will be chosen by members attending and can either be the Basic shop orientation or any of the advanced tools.

Please RSVP on our MeetUp page so we know to expect you!

Basic Power Tool Safety Class–4th Wednesday

Free to members.

Based on a curriculum developed by the Power Tool Institute. After this class you should be proficient in using the basic shop tools at Maui Makers. Space is limited, so reserve a spot by emailing

I know that some of you are already proficient, but we still need you to learn about our shop rules and demonstrate proficiency. And this is the easiest way to do this. You get to watch a movie and hang with Pete. Pete knows how to break things…I mean really break things…in fact he made a career out of it…You want to meet Pete.

Dremel Build Day – Sat. Aug 2, 2014 11am-4pm

Maui Makers presents “Dremel Build Day”   with sponsorship from
(for full background on sponsorship see the post)

When: Saturday August 2, 11am-4pm
Where: Home of Richard and Lynn Rasmussen – 3191 Baldwin Ave, Makawao Hawaii 96768
(map link )

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Who: Open to Public. Under 18 requires presence of parent or legal guardian.
Liability wavers (available on-site) must be signed to attend.
No children under 10yrs, please. And only if they are participating.

What: Learn to use Dremel rotary and multi-max tools, help us make at least 2 “instructables” documenting how-to projects with them.

The event itself is free. We will have a small quantity of materials for use. Perhaps some larger pieces available at cost. Instructables has provided us with 5 dremel  Model 4000 rotary tools and three Multi-Max MM30 Oscillating tools, along with a supply of bits (5x of the 3 sets pictured below) etc.

Dremel parts 2 Dremel 4000 & MM30 Machines

What to Bring:

  1. Your Project Ideas (and supplies – wood, plexiglas, glue, nails, etc)
  2. Your own eye protection, dust mask, and other safety gear.
  3. Your own dremel and/or other tools (while we have some, more is more!) MARK YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT!! write your name on it so it leaves with you.
  4. Sack lunch, beverage, and something to share if you like.
  5. Digital Camera/Video/laptop/smartphone – to help document the projects

(Note Instructables has apps for both IOS and Android
What Kind of Dremel Project?
Great question.  Most projects might use a Dremel for only a small task (cutting bolts, sanding finish, etc) This would be fine for practice and maybe an intro-to-dremel instructable. Other projects might feature the tools – carving/engraving wood/acrylic sculptures, trimming pet’s nails.

Dremel has a video showing some quick ideas: cut metal pipe, wire shelving, nails; remove grout, drill/shape/sand wood

Why: we have been given over $1000 worth of Dremel tools for our makerspace, on the condition that we host a build night (day), give a 15minute safety presentation, and create at least two “instructables” (text/pics/video how to for the website ) Again, the background on their sponsorship is on their blog page:

If we do a good job with this project & make some cool instructables (extra points for blog posts), Instructables will keep us on the list for more supplies and tools.

Please come out and help! If you don’t have a project in mind, come help document.

Workbenches from Scrap Wood (mostly)

After last week’s scrap bin project we turned our attention back to outfitting the space. We needed workbenches – and our friend Mike Drescher, who works for a company of professional steel building erectors, had kindly brought in a whole bunch of 2x6s he had saved from a deconstructed deck. We decided to start building at our regular Thursday meeting on June 16.

Brian I, Brian T and Adam R building Bench #1

Brian T, Brian I, Adam Rosen and I got there well before dark and started selecting the wood. Most of the pieces were 8-12ft and had either nails or various decay. We found most of it was pretty usable, especially for legs and bracing. Brian T took the lead on the build using plans in his head, and a selection of nice battery powered DeWalt tools he brought. Working with a team vs alone was a bit of a change for all of us, but it worked out well. We got four slabs selected and cut for the top, and four legs and cross pieces selected and cut for the legs.

Makers at Meeting June 16 2011

Just before dark, about 6:30 or 7, several more people showed up – Tommy R, with daughter Betty and Cousin-in-Law Eric M; Ben W with wife Hiro and sons Shion and Hugh. With all the people hanging round, we switched from Building Stuff to Sharing (i.e. talking), even though the generator made talking a bit hard. Eric M. had brought a neat arduino controller setup he built for taking panoramic photos. It looked like a decent setup, packaged in a tupperware type container, except the exposed wire connections seemed to have shorted out the battery. Bummer. Heat shrink is your friend… and can be cheap (note: add a good selection of various sizes to our list of supplies!)

The crowd left to get kids home, and then Brian T remembered he had a date, so we pretty much shut down around 8pm. Adam, Brian I and I (JerryI) hung out for a bit but the lighting was pretty bad and we kept making mistakes. We packed the parts up into the container and headed for home, planning to return in the morning.

It was a bit later than we expected when we got back Friday. BrianI and I went to Home Depot and picked up some extra supplies, including a couple 2×4′ sheets of MDF to use as bench tops. We also brought down some 2x6s and 2×4 scrap left over from our barn and fence building. We managed to get Bench #1 complete and a start on Bench #2 before 1pm. Then our build got cut short by a call from the alarm company about our Haiku House. We had to rush back and check things out – cats had knocked stuff over in garage, setting off motion detectors.

Returning Saturday morning, we finished off Bench #2 with MDF top and shelf. The shelf is set at a height to allow plastic tubs below and on shelf. It needs a front support to avoid sagging. Getting on a good roll, we quickly built Bench #3 – another MDF topped bench, but with out a shelf. We were able to get both benches complete and all parts put away by 2pm – in time to get home, shower and head back to the Maui Film Festival at MACC.

So we now have a total of four good workbenches at the space – one metal framed MDF top with drawers from Cole S, and the three we built this weekend. Cole brought in and hung another florescent fixture on Sunday, which gives us pretty decent lighting throughout the container. Cole also brought another shelf unit and a cabinet. Now we gotta organize a bit, and then get power hookup/distribution setup. We also need some good bench stools.

Here’s the Flickr set for the weekend build out:
[slickr-flickr tag=”makerbenches” descriptions=”on” flickr_link=”on” sort=”title” use_key=”y” ]