Our physical location is in a warehouse at 200 Waiehu Beach Rd in Wailuku. We are upstairs. Open public hours are from noon to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday.

We have several forums for discussion and event notices used by Maui Makers…

Google Group : allows you to get email notices and discuss topics.

There are some specialty googlegroup such as the Facilities Group which discusses maintenance of our facilities.

Facebook Group: if you use Facebook, then join this for lively discussions and notices.

Meetup.com Group: if you use Meetup.com, then join this group for notices of events.

Instructables.com Group: if you use Instructables.com (especially for BuildNight Projects) then join this group.

We have a Flickr Stream for pictures and albums.

Our Public Google Drive Folder has online repository of public corporate documents, rules, forms, etc.

Additionally there are some specialty contact emails. These are forwarded to active individuals for responses: