Introduction to Programming (with Arduino) class 26Jan2017

Want an easy entry to Programming? Want to learn how computers sense and interact with the world? Come on down to Maui Makers on Thursday 26 Jan 2017  6-9pm for our Introduction to Programming (using Arduino) class. We will teach you how to code, and how to make these little microcontrollers interact with the world.

Bring your laptop, and please try to download the software before class from . It is free, but takes a bit of time to download. Better to have it already on your box. We do not have computers for students (donations welcome!)

Class will be free to members and folks new to Maui Makers. After the first meeting, we ask a $10 donation or join up ($60/mo) and get access to rest of our workshop (3d printing, wood/metal equipment, etc.) Middle school youth up through retirees. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult – come make it a family outing!

(362 Pakana St, Wailuku, HI 96793-8362, United States;  last 2bays on last building on the right. its not on google street view yet and there is little signage, yet.)

Arduino Compatible ProtoSnap ProMini

Arduino Compatible ProtoSnap ProMini

Special Event–Calling All Audiophiles

Thursday, November 12, 2015 at Maui Makers 6 to 9 PM

200 Waiehu Beach Rd, Upstairs

Steve Griffin from Boeing has offered to preview his class on using the SigmaDSP board.

This class has several interesting aspects:

A group tutorial setting up a noise canceling system to eliminate background noise. This is similar to the system used in expensive noise canceling headphones. It can also be used to reduce noise in building ventilation systems.

The Sigma DSP board here. This cute little board is specially built for audio processing and can be used to optimize your soundscape and compensate for noise or limitations of your equipment and environment.

A tutorial on Sigma Studio, a graphical programming environment that is used to program this board. It can also be used to program SHARC processors.

This “Week” in Maui Makers October 18, 2015

Halloween is almost here

Are you ready for it? We’re having a lot of fun with Halloween-themed events at the MakerSpace! Come join us.

We’re tweaking our communications to see how best to get the word out about our events. What’s your preference? Google Calendar, MeetUp, Facebook, our website, email, something else? Let us know in the comments section.

Note that some events are discounted (or free) to paid members. All funds collected go to getting a bigger, better place to play, more toys to play with and keeping the lights on. Mahalo for your support and donations.


The ever popular Arduino continues on Thursday from 6 to 9 PM. All skill levels are welcome. We will continue the self-paced introductory class, as well as a special Halloween-themed treat this week. Bring your own spooky project, or buy one of our handy skull eyes kits, and we’ll help you get it assembled and working.

To RSVP, click here:



3D Printing

We  have the Hulk Hand (it’s all green) printed and assembled, and parts for another couple of hands. St Anthony is working on getting us the measurements for Sam. Join us on Wednesday from 4:30 to 6 PM if you want to help out, or learn more about 3D printing. We had a newbie go from zero to one-of-a-kind Christmas presents in less than 10 minutes! He was stoked.

We’ve been playing with our 3D pens and making masks with them. We have a limited stock on hand at great prices, and they are a fun and low-cost way to explore 3D printing–same nozzle and filament, it’s just that you are the motor. You can RSVP here:


Halloween Fun for Artisans and Crafters

And speaking of Halloween, join our Artisans and Crafters Group every Sat at 10 AM for some..ahem…”witch craftery” with a special Halloween theme. And if that isn’t enough Halloween for you, we’ll have the space ready to help you “bling out” your costume during open hours on Saturday, October 24. If you really like to procrastinate, we do have open hours on Halloween.

RSVP required for mask making:


To RSVP for Bling Out Your Halloween costume:


Beading for All Ages

This is an open activity to introduce persons to the craft of beading. It is open to Menehunes above the age of 5 providing they can stay focused and behave. Menehunes below the age of 15 must be accompanied by a guardian over the age of 18.

The activity will be led by Margaret an independent Jewelry maker and there will be the same kits available that MMI sold at the fundraiser. There will be other beading kits and accessories for sale to participants.

There will be a nominal activity fee of $10 of which $7.00 will be given back as a kit credit. for purchases during the activity. This can be shared between the Menehune and guardian.

Individual Kit prices start at $1 and go up from there. Basic kits include plastic bead bracelets, necklaces, and key fobs.


New Time: Menehune Makers (our kid’s program) every other Wednesday from 5 PM to 6:30 PM. Our first class will build Hovercraft!

Suitable for anyone over 3 that can remain focused and engaged. Note that this is not a drop off program. We encourage parents to learn and enjoy fun activities with their kids.


Barnes and Noble sponsoring a Maker Faire at their store Nov 6-8

Speaking of Maker Faires…Barnes and Noble showed up to chat about the nationwide Maker Faire they’ll be sponsoring in November. It looks like they plan to start carrying some cool toys that might appeal to some of the younger makers. Well, actually the adults did have fun playing with the toys, too.

Out and About in the Community

The UHMC STEAM Maker Camp was a success. Jerry Isdale, Buck Joiner and Cole Santos taught an EdVenture Class on Arduino, TinkerCAD, 3D printing and rockets. Fun was had by all.

The high school students working on the Internet of Things continue to make good progress.

One of our UHMC interns has made tremendous progress on getting the Gocupi drawing robot running like a champ. Here is a picture of Tim in action.


Arduino Open Build Night Continues!


Although Bob Conlon is jet-setting, the Arduino class will still be held on Thursday, June 18, 2015,  to

Laura Ulibarri and Pete Menningen will be facilitating the class.

Come and continue your self-study on the classes, or if you are working on a project or have an idea, bring it by.

Special Event–Eggbot returns 28 March

Just in time to help celebrate Springtime, and any rites of spring…Easter,

Bring eggs or other ovoid shapes to decorate. (We have ping pong balls)

What is Eggbot? A fun and easy way to draw patterns on roundish things. A great platform for entry into the fascinating world of CNC!

Note: we have rent, wifi, utilities and other bills to pay, so have now instituted a paid membership structure. See

Non-members are welcome to attend. A $5.00 donation is suggested to keep Maui’s only Makerspace growing and thriving

Arduino Day Hackathon–Saturday March 28


March 28 is Arduino Day.

10:30-2:30 Hackathon

To celebrate, come by the space (200 Waiehu Beach Rd) with ideas and projects for individual or group Hackathon.

For more info, please contact

Note: we have rent, wifi, utilities and other bills to pay, so have now instituted a paid membership structure. See

Non-members are welcome to attend.

If you like what we’re doing, but not ready for a full commitment, please consider making donations. That will keep us going until you’re in a better position to commit.


Maui Makers Arduino Workshop May 9 2014

Dream it, Make it

Every Friday at 6 PM at UHMC Ka’a’ike Bldg. Rm 217,  Starts May 9

At the workshop you will have access to Arduinos, breadboards, computers, basic parts, sensors, motors, as well as test and measurement equipment.

If you are thinking of attending, please fill out this survey: Calling all Maui Makers (Free Stuff).

The meeting will be a guided workshop, not formal teaching.  I expect a group of diverse skills and knowledge.  For the moment I’m not setting age limits, but ask attendees to use common sense.  At the workshop you will be working with small parts, electricity and computers.  Depending on you level of dexterity and skill you may: choke if you swallow the small parts, set something on fire if you wire it incorrectly, find the attention to detail tedious.


–Talk Story: why are you here?

–Brainstorming: ideas for group projects

–Break out groups:

Newbies:  This group is for those that are new to programming, electronics, or Arduinos.  Only requirement is a pulse, a reasonable level of maturity and a willingness to learn.  You will be guided by others in the basics of setting it up and making it to do something simple.

Control Freaks:  This group is for those that have enough experience to set up the Arduino on their own, and want to build circuits that demonstrate various aspects of how the Arduino functions.  This group is also a good place for those that already know what they want to build and need access to boards, parts and tools.

Just do it:  This is for the group that is itching to make something.  They will be formed during the Brainstorming session.  This being an Arduino workshop, it really should require a micro controller.  Some ideas I have gathered from the Survey Monkey and one-on-ones: spaceships, virtual reality, CNC, GPS, smart home, irrigation control, aquaponics, haunted house, interactive edutainment, chicken counter–you can add yours by clicking here: Calling all Maui Makers (Free Stuff).  It is likely that this will require skills and creativity beyond setting up the Arduino program and circuit, so is a good beginner group for those who want to understand what Arduinos might be good for, but aren’t ready to get into the details.  That being said, the group will eventually need someone to build the circuit and program the device.

Teaching Arduino and Robotics at KKHS

I (Jerry Isdale, founder MauiMakers) am one of the mentors for the Robotics Club at  at King Kekaulike High School, Makawao, Hawaii.   The club participates in VEX and FIRST robotics competitions. There is a page here about a fundraiser held in early October 2011 for the club.

I started mentoring for them last January for the FIRST competition. It was a LOT of effort and I was very impressed with the work the kids did. The bot suffered a catastrophic failure about an hour before we were to ship it (nearly taking me and one of the students out in the process). However, the team managed to ship off the bot, minus some parts, fix the parts in the month between shipping and competition.  We went to the regional competition on Oahu and had a respectable showing.

Unfortunately, almost all the kids involved last year were seniors. This year we started up in August with almost a completely new crew (including my son Brian).  There were a number of kids interested in building a bot for the Oct 1st VEX Competition, but also about half the club did not feel ready to dive right in. We decided to split the club into two sections. The Competition Group would be our team for the VEX regional competition on Oct 1st at the Maui Fair.  The second would learn some basics.

The Competition Team worked very hard for the month or so we had before competition. We were able to visit Maui High School on a couple weekends before the event and test our bot. We had still had to rebuild our bot several times during the course of the competition day – once when one of the claw motors was determined to be no longer legal (old style VEX), and a couple as the motors or gears failed.  We wound up finishing the qualifications fairly well down the list, but were selected along with Baldwin High School (Maui) by one of the top teams (Kealakehe High School from Kona) for their alliance in the finals. Our alliance went on to win the competition!!  An article from Maui News covered the event and includes some pictures.  Here is my Flickr set from the event…
[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157627844761298″ descriptions=”on” flickr_link=”on”]

The second group, those not involved in the VEX Competition, needed to come up to speed on robotics, etc. We didnt have enough parts for them to use VEX or other competition robotics. I also feel that while competitions are good, they tend to focus kids on mechanical building within strict limits (parts, etc). I wanted our club to have a broader exposure to robotics and indeed the whole world of Making. I have six of the SparkFun Inventors Kits (SIK) left over from our July 2011 Intro. to Arduino Class. Hmmmm. Easy decision. We started teaching basic Arduino to the 6 club members not doing VEX! One of the kids had some exposure to programming, but most of the rest (all female) were new to electronics and programming. So far we are only a couple weeks into the training but the kids have done VERY well.

With the VEX competition behind us, the club is now working as three groups. Group 1 is the original Arduino class and is continuing on with more advanced projects. Group 2 is just starting Arduino. Group 3 is learning CAD systems (AutoCAD and Inventor), which will help us do some planning for FIRST. I have a whole bunch of arduino parts, shields and alternatives (eg 8 Teensy USB Development boards). The kids are excited about hacking a robotic arm and creating some awesome science/senior projects for this and next year.

This is a learning experience for us all. I have not taught classes like this before, so I’m learning to teach. Mark Ausbeck, one of our makers and fellow mentor, is helping teach the class. I’m looking forward to the experience and hoping we can grow it to other schools in the county. The kids from Molokai HS have already asked us to come over to their island for a workshop. hmmm… need funding! Any arduino experts out there want to come for a makecation and teach?