CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control – basically robotic machine that makes stuff.  A computer (or set of them) controls a machining head as it moves.  Generally CNC machines have some sort of cutting head (router/miller/lathe) for ‘Subtractive Manufacturing”.  A Laser Cutter/Etcher and 3D Printers are also CNC machines.  Some CNC bots have interchangable or multiple heads for doing different types of work.

Maui Makers CNC SIG is a Special Interest Group to discuss the machines, support projects building them, or building with them.

We have several CNC bots in our inventory and/or owned by members.  Aside from several 3D Printers, we have a Shapeoko desktop flatbed cnc bot.  The Shapeoko is a light weight machine that has since gone through a number of upgrades and divergence of designs/providers.

We also have a Taig CNC mill.

Right now this group is joined with our 3D printing group, so join us there.

Come down and talk story about CNC machines large and small. We will review our Shapeoko and Taig. Attendees are encouraged to bring pics and samples of their own machines (I’ll assume the machines themselves are not that portable).